Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


3. Three


Chapter Three:



I made sure that my door was locked, that my brother was out of the house, and that he was not going to be home for another three hours, I needed to break into the security system of the house.


Billy was out with my brother, which meant that no one was going to be here and bug me or no one would find out who was trying to break into his security system. I opened my laptop and started doing the research needed.


This was the good thing about having a father who worked at the F.B.I he would take me to work with him, and even though he asked me to please stay put and not play with anything, some of his younger colleagues always taught me knew things, from shooting a gun to tracking and hacking. He knew that people were teaching me that, but he never discourage me, in fact he would tell me to hack some stuff for him when he had various things to do. At some point in my life I thought of becoming part of them when I graduated, but then my father died.


I closed my eyes trying to erase that memory when my computer started blinking and ringing. I opened my eyes and saw that I was already inside, well half inside, as I had to break down some firewalls and then I could be inside. I look over at my timer and started counting the time till I broke to the firewalls my brother had.


30 minutes. That was new; do you know how many firewalls this thing had? 15! 15 stupid firewalls to get to the principle page, where I could find out that my brother has his everyday schedule and everything he has done for the past four years on this webpage. How stupid is that?


-ROBYN WHERE ARE YOU?!- I heard my brother shout. I closed my laptop and ran out of my room.


-Here.- I replied. -What is wrong?-


-Someone broke into the security system of the house from the inside- My brother said. -Not that you would understand, and man the person who did it just broke a record.-


-Uh Killan.- I spoke staring at him with a small smile. -I know who did it.-


-Why didn't you tell me so that I could come faster!- Killan shouted. -Who the fuck did it?-


-Me.- I smiled at him.


-What?- He questioned in disbelief. -How do you know how to do that?- He added with an eyebrow raised.


-You do know that dad used to work with the F.B.I. and as mom was to sick to look after me, I basically grew up in dad's office and people taught me a lot of stuff there.- I replied. -Hacking being one of them.-


-So you just hacked into my security system?- Killan questioned and I nodded. -Show me. Prove to me that you did it.-


I winked at my brother and motioned him to follow me towards my room. I grabbed my laptop and opened it to the page that proved that I had hacked into the system and I also handed him my notebook, where I had written all the numbers that were needed for the passwords.


My brother looked at me and gave me a proud smile. -Next time tell me so that I don't freak out.-


-Deal big bro.- I winked. -Hey, I'm heading over to next door.-


-To the crazy kids house?- My brother asked and I nodded. -Be careful, you don't want to be seen with them.-


-Just because they are famous? Man, I only hang out with them at their house, it's not like I'll be with them always.- I rolled my eyes.


-Just be careful.- My brother said and I waved him goodbye.



*Ashton's P.O.V.*


The lads and I were waiting for Robyn to come so that we could go to the bowling and have some time together. Ever since she moved, we spend almost every afternoon either playing outside, or playing videos or simply watching movies.


Everyone was happy for her to be part of our afternoons now, we always need a girl to keep us sane, and maybe she's not that girly, but she is this girl that makes you realize that you always have to be yourself no matter what.


-Where's Robyn?- Luke questioned as he entered the living room.


-On her way.- I replied with a shrug. -I really don't know.-


-Guys!- Calum shouted from the entrance. -She's here!-


I got up from the couch and followed Luke to the entrance where Michael and Calum spoke with Robyn. She had this perfect smile on her face as if something had been good in her morning.


-Hey there Robyn.- I smiled.


-Hello Ash.- She winked. -What are we doing today?-


-We are going bowling!- Michael shouted.

-Are you sure it's okay to go to such a public place?- Robyn questioned. -You being famous and shit.-


-Yep.- I smiled and placed my arm on her shoulder. -Don't worry about paps or fans, I will make sure none of them bother you.-


Robyn laughed and winked at me. After that we all walked to the van that was waiting for us outside.


I knew that what I told her wasn't that reassuring, but I meant it, I was going to make sure that this girl understood that I like her, and there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting what a want.





*Author's Note*


​I know this chapter is shitty, but I promise next chapter will be better. If you are liking the story, mind leaving a comment? Thank you loves :) xx

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