Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


6. Six


Chapter Six:




I grunted as I slammed my alarm clock, I so did not want to go to school. I rolled out of bed and did my normal routine to get ready and walked down to the kitchen. There was no breakfast served and I rolled my eyes. Billy was waiting for me as soon as I stepped out of the house. I got inside the car and he took me over to school.


No word from my brother.


I stepped inside the school and everyone turned to face me. I rolled my eyes and kept walking, I was not going to care if people were after me because I am friends with 5 Seconds of Summer. To be sincere, it is not my fault that they are my neighbours.


"Well, well, well." I heard an annoying voice. "But if it isn't little miss popular." A snicker.


"What do you want?" I rolled my eyes turning around. "Are you trying to intimidate me or are you here to pretend to be my friend so that you can meet 5sos?" I smirked. "Whichever is the case, get lost."


"Oh but that is so not happening Robyn." Ashley smirked. "You and I both know what is the problem here."


"Get lost." I said once again. "I'm not going to play your stupid little games girl. I have classes to get." I turned around and started walking away.


"Ashton will never love you!" Ashley shouted. I stopped dead on tracks and turned around.


"Neither will happen to you." I replied. "You're just another fan to them." I flipped her the finger and walked to my class.


How dare people come up to me and tell me anything? I mean, yes I am friends with famous people, that doesn't mean anything rather than the fact that they are normal people too.


I sat on my desk and waited for my English teacher to appear. I knew that what had happened in the hallway was going to continue, I had to make sure that it didn't get out of hand. I don't want to be locked up in my house, not being able to hang out with my friends just because people get jealous, the issue was that Killan is a bit over protective when it comes to me and jealous people, the last encounter wasn't the best one I ever had...


"Class." My teacher said. "Get out pen and paper. You're writing an essay on the thing that you fear the most. I need a creative tittle, and an amazing essay. I want it on my desk at the end of the class."


I grabbed my pen and stared at my notebook. 'The Monster of Jealousy'


*Ashton's P.O.V.*


I placed my drumsticks down and let out a sigh. I was tired of practicing even when we just had started, but the knew song wasn't coming out as I expected for it to be. To make it worst we had to stay here all day long, that meant that I wasn't going to be able to spend time with Robyn, and I so wanted that.


Yes my friends, I'm falling for the neighbour girl.


"What's up Ash?" Luke questioned. "Why did you stop playing?"


"I just don't feel the song." I replied. "I just need some fresh air." I stood up. "I'll be back in a few."


"Sure mate." Michael said. "We are all getting a break. I don't feel that song either."


I walked out of the studio into the hallway that lead me to the backyard of the building. This was a major writing session, hence that meant that we couldn't do it in our house.


I sat down at the edge of the sidewalk and stared at the busy street a couple of feet away from where I was. How much my life had changed. I used to pass by here and wish that I were inside playing; I wanted to be good enough.



"No Killan." I heard a voice snap. "I am heading back home! You totally forgot about me right?! I don't care!"


I got up and turned around and saw that Robyn was talking on the phone and walking to where I was standing.


"Fuck that Killan!" She shouted. "I can take care of myself! I'm halfway there anyway." She rolled her eyes and then stopped when she stared at me. "I just found Ashton. I'll see you for dinner." She hanged up her phone.


"Did you escape from school?" I questioned as she approached to me.


"No." I she laughed. "Wish I could do that though." She sighed. "My brother forgot to send the car for me."


"Oh." I said. "I have to go back inside." I scratched the back of my neck. "Want to come with me and listen to our new song?"


"Sure." Robyn smiled. "Let's listen to you guys rocking out."


I grabbed her hand and made our way inside the building once again. I still don't understand why she doesn't want to be in school, but I will find out soon enough when I go out in a date with her.


We entered the studio and the rest of the lads were already there waiting for me. As soon as I opened the door they all stopped talking and looked shock when Robyn waved and threw herself on a couch.


"Sup lads." Robyn winked. "Surprise." She added.


"Hey." They replied.


"Did you invite here over?" Luke questioned.


"No." I replied. "I found her on the street fighting off three bad guys."  I laughed.


"Don't mess with me." She winked. "Now, I want to listen to the new song."


"I don't think we are going to use it." Calum sighed. "We just don't feel the song."


"Can I get the lyrics?" Robyn questioned and I handed her the paper. She read them quietly and grabbed a pen, scratching some words and writing something. "Here." She added handing be back the paper.


"Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." I read with a smirk. I nodded at the lads and we all went to our places. 

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