Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


17. Seventeen

*Sorry it sucks*


Chapter Seventeen




*Ashton’s P.O.V.*



I took in a deep breath as I took the last step towards Mr Emerald’s house. I knew that Killan wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me, but I was scared even though. I raised my fist and knocked twice on the door and waited for someone to come and answer.


This is all for Robyn, I knew that if I had a bigger objective, doing something that could risk my life, is way easier than when you are doing it just because. I closed my eyes and knocked once again, I was getting Robyn.



“What?” A voice snapped as he opened the door. “What the fuck do you want kid?”


“I’m looking for Mr Emerald.” I spoke trying not to shake. “I want to speak with him.”


“Who are you?” The man questioned.


“Ashton Irwin.” I replied. “I’m here to get Robyn.”


The man chuckled. “Good luck kid, Robyn isn’t here.” He turned around.


“Wait!” I exclaimed stepping inside. “What do you mean that Robyn is not here?” I questioned. “Mr Emerald kidnap her, I know that.”


“You are right.” The man sighed. “Robyn has disappear and no one knows where she went.”



I stood there in the middle of the lobby staring as the man walked back to another room. Could it be possible that Robyn had escaped but not returned home? I pressed the button to communicate with Killan; he had to know where his sister could be.


“Ashton Irwin.” I heard Mr Emerald’s voice. “It’s a pleasure to have you here.”


“Where is she?” I questioned. “Where do you have her you sick bastard!”


“That my dear kid, I’m afraid I can’t answer.” He chuckled. “But I do know that I will find her with you here.” He smirked before everything went black.



I woke up in an empty room, with two guards next to me, and Mr Emerald talking loudly, something about hurting me, if Robyn didn’t come out from where she was. He was not only shouting, but he was transmitting this somewhere. I gulped as the camera pointed at me.


*Robyn’s P.O.V.*


I punched the wall as I heard what Mr Emerald was saying. I had been hiding under his house, and I was about to run away when I heard Ashton’s voice. Why would he love me so much that he had to come for me?! Why?!


“I hate you at the moment Ashton.” I sighed as I walked back to the beginning of the tunnels.


I knew that I was going to regret this action, but I rather have Ashton alive than myself being out there. Why? Well, because Ashton has been the only person apart from my father that had showed me that they love me.


My leg still hurt so badly, but I couldn’t care less. I stepped into the ladder and climbed up opening the trap door. I knew from the steps that Ashton was going to be in the same exact room where I had been held.



“She won’t come.” Ashton spoke. “She’s not stupid, plus, you don’t even want her.” I frowned; how the fuck does he knows that? “You want her brother.”


“Who told you that?” Mr Emerald shouted.


“You just told me.” Ashton chuckled and I rolled my eyes, this kid. “Now, why don’t you let me go… We both know that Robyn isn’t going to come.”


Taking a deep breath I came out of the tunnels. “I’m here asshole.” I stated. “Let Ashton go.” Everyone turned to face me and I rolled my eyes.


“From where the fuck did you come from?” Mr Emerald questioned as he pointed a gun at me.


“Your house genius.” I replied rolling my eyes. “Let him go.”


“NO.” Mr Emerald exclaimed. “Come here before I shoot your other leg, whore.” I was walking but stopped dead.


I walked up to him with a dead serious face. “You don’t call me a whore.” I added before kicking him and starting a fight. 

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