Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


4. Four


Chapter Four:




Today was the day that my torture began. I turned off my alarm clock and sat on my bed rubbing my eyes. I was so not ready for today. I let out a lament and slowly stood up making my way to the bathroom. I can't believe that my brother is making me finish the last three months I was missing of school... like dude there is no need... Everyone said so but NO he wanted me to finish them.


I turned the hot water on and waited so that I could take a bath and wake up. I stood under the water for like fifteen minutes before I actually took the bath. After my shower I wrapped my hair in a towel and myself in another, walking towards the closet to figure out what to wear to school.


For the past few days I had been hanging out with 5sos and they didn't seem to mind the way I dressed, but I was going to a high school where they will eat you alive if you don't fit in. So I really needed to care for my cloth choice.


I decided for a pair of jeans, a white semi baggy t-shirt and my vans, no harm in that right? I combed my hair and let it dry by itself, I was far too lazy to actually make it look presentable, and I was only going to school.


-ROBYN?- My brother shouted from outside my door. -Are you ready?-


I grabbed my book-bag, shoved it up my shoulder, and opened my door. Killan was standing right in front of it. -Ready.- I puffed air. -Can't I bail?-


-No.- Killan rolled his eyes. -If I get a call from school saying that you missed any of your classes, you're going to be in trouble. Got it?- He eyed me.


-Got it.- I winked. -You won't get a call from school.-


Killan gave me a skeptical look but turned around and walked towards the stairs. -Hurry up.-


I stuck my tongue out and ran past him towards the kitchen so that I could grab something to eat before we left to torture land. I grabbed an apple and a bottled Starbucks coffee and made my way to the car.


Billy (aka the bodyguard from now on) was already on the wheel, and my brother was on the phone with the back door opened. I slipped inside and he followed.


The car ride consisted of me randomly questioning Billy about his life and what he was supposed to do as my brother was on the phone the whole way to school. Billy did answer a few of my questions, like he was only 25, but he is HUGE! He had a girlfriend, and he was supposed to take care of Killan and me, but that Killan wanted him to follow me around, as I was known for being a mess...


When we finally arrived to the school, I knew it was going to be a long day just by the people outside the gates. A preppy spoiled brat school....


*Ashton's P.O.V.*



I was checking out twitter, I knew that I shouldn't be doing it, but I had to know if they had caught us at the bowling arena, at the movies and when we were out for an ice cream. I had promised Robyn that I was going to take care of her, but some of the fans didn't want to accept the fact that we could have friends.


-What you up to?- Luke questioned as he entered my room. -We are all waiting for you downstairs.-


-Hey.- I replied. -I'm trying to see if I found pictures of Robyn with us.-


-I saw a twitter trend, something about the new 5sos girl.- Luke said as he sat down next to me on my bed.


-Any hate towards her?- I questioned as I hit the search engine.


-So far nothing.- Luke replied. -Though I saw that the day we went out to the bowling alley, I don't know about now.-


-Let's see.- I said. -I don't want Robyn to be handling the hate, if there is hate and she hasn't found out we have to stop it.-


Luke nodded. -I'll call the others and get my laptop.-


Luke left my room and I was sighed in relief, they were going to help me. As I was scrolling down, I found a tweet from her -Ugh! I have to go to school :(! Someone save me please!- I laughed and typed a reply -Why didn't you say before? We could have sneak you out of your house!- I hit the send button and then continued searching for hate.


The lads came soon enough and they all helped me. There was not a lot of hate, but we decided to let our fans know that we hate it when people send hate to others, and that Robyn was our friend and that if they hated on her there was no good.


I wanted for Robyn to feel safe with us, but I also wanted her to know that I was going to protect her from all the danger that I could.



*Robyn's P.O.V.*


I couldn't believe it. How dare she! Who does she think she is to tell me to back off from people she doesn't even know! I knew that people had spotted me with 5sos, but I never knew they would care so much.


As I walked to the cafeteria my phone vibrated announcing a notification. It turned out to be Ashton... he had replied to my morning tweet. I wanted to get along with them, but I was not used to the spotlight and all of this.


I could not be seen with them, if my brother found out about the hate I was receiving I would surely get sent back home to my mother... or worst. I would be forbidden to hang out with them...

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