Breaking Laws

Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

That's the motto Robyn lives by, but what happens when she gets caught with no other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5sos.


18. Eighteen


Chapter Eighteen




*Robyn’s P.O.V.*


I was breathing hard as I pinned Mr Emerald to the ground. The rest of his team was either dead or knocked out. Ashton was free and Killan burst into the room. He did come back for me.



“Move away from him Robyn.” Killan spoke. “We’ll handle it from here.”


“Hell no.” I snapped. “I was here for over a week, and this man is the fucking responsible for the wound on my leg and for my broken bones and bruises.” I stood up. “I will not let you make him suffer before I do.”


“Robyn,” Killan stretched an arm. “Listen to yourself. Do you really think that torturing him will get you anything?”


“Yes.” I replied. “It will get me justice.” I added before I kicked Mr Emeralds face and knocked him out. “But you obviously don’t care about that, so his all yours.” I added rolling my eyes.



I collapsed on the floor a few steps away whilst my brother and his team handcuffed Mr Emerald and all of his team. I sighed and I felt someone next to me. I opened my eyes and turned to face Ashton sitting next to me, staring at the backyard. Believe it or not, he had come back for me, and for some odd reason I felt that I owe him.



“Thanks.” I spoke. “Thank you for coming back for me.”


“I should be thanking you.” Ashton turned to face me. “You were about to leave and be free when you came for me.”


“You came and searched for me.” I replied. “The least that I could do was try to save you.” I smirked.


“Your brother came to me the minute that I called him that you were gone and that the cops weren’t doing anything because Mr Emerald is supposed to be dead.” Ashton spoke. “I was going to come alone, but I had no idea what do or how to find you.” He took my hand. “So I went for your brother.”


I rolled my eyes with a smile. “That’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me.” I whispered. “I bet that if it weren’t for you, Killan would have never come.”


“I don’t-” Ashton was cut off.


“Robyn.” Killan spoke and I stared at him. “There is an ambulance waiting for you outside.” I nodded. “I have to go down to the station to get this man on jail, go to the hospital, a cop will be there to ask you a couple of questions.”


“Sure.” I spoke and stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Killan kissed my forehead and left.


“What the hell was that?” Ashton questioned. I turned to face him confused. “Killan is just going to leave you with what you just went through.”


“It’s the typical procedure.” I spoke. “There is nothing out of the ordinary in this.” I added. “For him and me.”


“I’ll carry you to the ambulance and I will go with you to the hospital.” Ashton spoke and he stood up. “The cops will have questions for me as well.”





I heard people whispering in the same room where I was. I could hear that they were discussing something important, and by the tone of voices I could guess that they all were men and something important was the topic of choice.


I wanted to open my eyes and listen to the conversation, but I was far too tired to open my eyes, so I simply decided that I was going to listen to the conversation and decide whether or not I should wake up and say something.



“She was kidnap because of my job.” That was Killan. “By the man that worked next to my father for half his life!” He was pretty angry. “How am I supposed to trust this base when they can’t even figure out who is the bad guy? She was so right when she told me that she didn’t needed a baby sitter! If you hadn’t told me to get her another dude to keep an eye on her, we wouldn’t be having this conversation here.”


“You are right.” The other voice said. “We were going to be having this conversation on a funeral home.” I gulped. “We know that she doesn’t have your same last name, but she does have your father’s, and everyone knows that you are the son, so people connect that dots and boom, we have a kidnap attempt.” He was right. “We also know that she managed to escape but had to get back in to save the kid you sent in, he didn’t know how to do this and yet you send him, what where you thinking?”


“This kid was willing to risk his life for my sister because neither of you were doing something about the fact that she had been kidnap for almost a week and no one dared to tell me!” Killan exclaimed. “I found out because of an app my sister created and planted on both our phones.” Go Killan! “I am taking her back.”


“What?” I questioned sitting up. “Oh shit.” I exclaimed clutching my leg. “You’re taking me back where?” Everyone was staring at me. “What? You need to lower your voices if you don’t want to wake me up.” I added rolling my eyes. “Where’s Ashton?” I questioned.


“Home.” The man replied. “Where he should be.” I narrowed my eyes at him.


“I’m taking you back home.” Killan replied, and I knew that he didn’t mean the house.


“You’re not taking me back.” I replied. “I am not going back.” I licked my lips. “Do you know the real reason as to why I asked to come here?” Killan frowned at me. “I lied to you Killan.” I sighed taking in a deep breath. “Dad was killed in a mission, but I was with him.” I closed my eyes. “They saw me. They know who I am. I ran away from home so that I could be safe here.”


“And you are hanging out with people who expose you?!” Killan shouted. “Are you insane Robyn? If you saw the people who killed dad you should have said so from the beginning!” I stared at him.


“You would know that if you fucking answered to your phone the minute it happened!” I shouted. “I know that you weren’t on a mission that day! You ignored dad’s phone call!” I added. “And who gives a damn if I hang out with people who expose me? I am as exposed as I can be! It doesn’t matter if I appear on telly or not! Those people will always find me.”


“What are you saying?!” Killan shouted confused and I stared at the man that was grabbing his gun.


“You are talking to the people that sent out to kill dad.” I spoke before throwing the food knife to the man’s hand.


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