Nocturnal Bliss

These are a handful of my own original poems that were all written or thought up during very late night times hence the title. These poems can be whatever you want them to be! I hope you enjoy them, constructive criticism most definitely welcome!


3. Be Happy

I wish to make you happy, 
in this short time whilst you read. 
For you need to know you're wonderful, 
and you must run from hate and greed.  

Think about your beauty, 
it is right there in your smile. 
So many people love you, 
think about them for a while. 

You want to be a model,well why would you want that? 
"Because the world thinks that I am stupid, ugly and fat."  

Although the world has changed a lot, 
For right and also wrong. 
You must love yourself no matter what, 
you are clever, beautiful and strong.  

We don't need no celebrity covers. 
On our magazines.  
We need knowledge, we need faith and science. 
Something to make our spirits gleam.  

So next time you think your lonely. 
Stupid or ugly or fat. 
Know that your not and love is always at hand. 

Please always remember that.  

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