Business partners is about the 19 year old Swiss, Vash Zwingli and the 28 year old Alistair Kirkland.
Vash is anexious and don't like people to touch him. He put on a cold expression whom ever his around, He's known as one of the leading businessmen in Switzerland.
Alistair is a scotch man with a smaller company in his home town and rather fond of the blonde man.

- This adventure is based on a rp with a friend of mine. There'll be some differences in this from the other.
All characters belong to Hima, the creator of the anime Hetalia.
I've put my and my friend's view on each character.

Please correct any mistakes of mine.
- KK


1. #1


Vash were heading to the meeting place, where the set up where being held. He was the leader of a company in Switzerland. Political, military as well as  the grasp of his company.
Nineteen years old and with influence he could modify the world, just a bit for the better.

The 5,7 inched man with the blonde pageboy hair continued to walk towards the restaurant the  party of his had recommended they should talk business deals.
The counterpart of this party were  Alistair Kirkland. A Scotchman with an impressive company but yet the English administrators had a firm grab in the company of his. Not that it bothered the young blonde director.
Vash weren't very social. He liked to protect his borders, keep people from getting too close and touch him. The blonde didn't like people to touch him. The anxiety kicked in. An anxiety he didn't know were came from and why it was there. Asking his mother, she said it had always been there, and they just let him be because no matter how they treated him, it never went well. He turned his emerald eyes at a white scar on his arm. Frustration. Aged sixteen his parent tried new methods of trying to wipe out the anxiety. Holding close. Touching him. He had cried. Screamed for help, told them to stop. When they finally let go and apologized. Everything went blank.
He stopped for a moment to gaze at the mark. Vash only remembered he woke up in his bed with a bandaged wrist, Suicide they said. Attempt. But it didn't succeed.
The slim man clenched his fist only to shake his head. The only thing in his life except relationships and getting over this.. strange anxiety, were the only thing that hadn't succeed him in life.

  The man entered the restaurant. It was more like a pub if he blonde had to be honest. Not that it minded him. But still. There was difference in being on a sophisticated restaurant and a.. nice pub.

The red haired company owner waved when the slim blonde Swiss entered the pub. When they first met, he had mistaken the feminine man for a female, but was corrected instantly by him. Ever since, he hadn't let go of the thought of him.
Alistair was in his late twenties and thereby much older than the smaller man. But age is just a number, isn't it?
When asked around, he were told by the staff that the young, fine man was rather self-conscious. He didn't like to be embraced more than necessary. He kept his distance and weren't that talk active. Even through the cold glare of the youngster that penetrated everybody and let them step backwards was hard not to obey, the older man were at time being rather interested in the boy.
When the emerald eyes gazed at something, even looked thoughtful in the air, he was more than just stunning. Like a forbidden fruit.
The more Alistair thought about it, the more he wanted to kiss, hold, care and touch the youngster. See all his expression, the sound of his heart, the small moans and sugary sighs.
Even his irritated expression was neat, if you asked the scotch.

"Alistair Kirkland. What brings me the honor today." Sharp as always Vash sat down in front of the dreamy man. Alistair shoke his head. " Ye know. Business. I'll like to make a wee deal with ye."  the thick accent the man was the happy owner of, could sometimes confuse the partners of his. But not the blonde.
He took his time understanding every word and weren't afraid to ask the other further if he didn't understood the content of what the man in front of him were saying.
Vash nodded. "Of course. What the deal might be then?"
Even thought the blonde were from a German, French and Italian speaking country there weren't much of an accent with him. Vash smiled cocky. A rare sight which made the red haired gaze shortly.
"So. The school system in Switzerland. The business school. I have a few lads who'll like to go there."
The scotch leaned over the table to take a closer look of those pretty eyes the smaller man were in possession of. Up close, he almost looked like a pretty girl.
How ever, the man moved backward, avoided the green eyes the scotch were glowing at him with.
"And what makes you think, that I'm capable of helping with that" he crossed his legs, leaned back and looked at the other with a cold stare. The suit he were wearing made the man in front of Alistair look even more fragile and slim. Pale and cold than if he wore clothe with warmer colors. Alistair shoke his head. He'd like to see that. Vash in a big shirt, green. Matching his eyes. Long enough to be a dress. With hair from actions from the other night.. hickeys and..
"Alistair." Impatiently the blond were tapping his fingers on the edge of the table.
The taller man looked up. "Of course it's in ye interest as well. Business students in ye country makes it more likely that with great experiences in ye country, they'd be more likely to start a business for ye gain. Aye?"
Vash nodded. Bit his lip. He always felt uneasy in the company of this counterpart. The gaze and the much taller man intimidated  him. But somehow.. the Swiss felt a strange warmth in his chest whenever he looked at him. It frightened him, even more when he catch his thoughts in thinking about touching the man skin.
The blonde nodded. "It's a deal then. I'll take some of your student in. But if the as much as get a lower character than any of my top students. I'll throw them out of the university."
A waiter came across and took their order.
When a business settled, Vash would had preferred to leave. But the other businessman quickly asked him to drink with him. After a deal, turning down the offer would be rude. Living alone and not really anyone to come home for in the middle of the night back in Switzerland, Vash went along.
It didn't take long before they left the fancy restaurant to drink at a nearby pub, close to the red haired scotchman's home.
"Ye can have me heart and share me bed if'd like, lad." the drunk leaned closer to the blonde who just waved his hand.  "Nein. Ich'll be fine with dein couch"
The scotch blinked a few time. "Aye? Ye know, I've never heard ye speak with accent"
The blonde chuckled. A beautiful little sound like small bells in the wind. Alistair wanted to kiss him so badly, but as he leaned closer the blonde pushed him away.
"Vell, zhat makes it. We're going zu hause!" The blonde got up and helped the other as well only to let go of his hand. "I'm drunk." The smaller man complained.
"That makes the two of us." The redhead reached out for the slim man who only avoided his touch. Alistair grunted unpleased as he locked them in.

Old fashioned house. A small castle. There were books everywhere. Draws and sketches of animals. A piano in the corner and more books.
"Sorry for the mess, lad."  Alistair locked the door again only to gaze after the blonde who walked to the kitchen. "Entschuldigung for just walking in." He sat down on a chair and leaned his head on his hand. He mumbled something the redhead weren't sure what meant, but it sounded rather cute.
"Bedtime it is. Come on lad." He took a firm grab around the man's waist. It surprised the scotch how tenuous the other were.
"Ye not used to drink?" He small talked to the man who shoke his pretty head. "Nein. Ich don't like it." The redhead smiled. He were adorable.
The blondes cheeks were faintly rosa, his emerald eyes gazing at him with nothing but a soft loveable yet lonely look. His lips were slightly separated from  each other. The white edge of a tooth were only to catch a glimpse of.
When he laid him in the bed, Alistair grabbed his hand to support him a little, he wrinkled an eyebrow when the cold fingers made him freeze.
"Ye're really cold, Vash."
The blonde grunted only to turn his back to the redhead. He turned nothing in the broad scotch bed.
"They're always cold. They get even colder when Ich sick. Why do you think that people say Ich have kein heart?" the emerald eyes avoided the other, they were looking at something in the dark, far away from here. Alistair smiled. "Then let me warm ye, aye?"


- ~  - 

"Thank you for reading so far. I am currently working on a new chapter. I do not know when it will be up, since it frankly only in periodes that I write. "
- KK.


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