singing for love


5. 4.

Liberty's POV:


i looked over to see who texted me. 

Ash The Drummer <3: 5 texts

Calbear <3: 2 texts

Mickey Mouse <3: 1 text

Luke The Penguin Hemmings <3: 3 texts


i started reading the texts:


Mooooorniiiiing :D

Geeeeet uuuuuuuup :D

Pleasse get upppp :D

Im getting the others to text u 2 :D



Ash said i shall text u so u wake up :D

Wakey Wakey Liberty :D


Up up up up so you can text Ash :D


Wakey Wakey our Ashy wants to texty u :D

That sounded so weird LOL :D

Im going to stop texting you have to get your sleep :D


i decided to answer Ash (Ash: A & Lib: L)

L: really ash you had to wake me like that

A: FINALLY, SHES ALIVE, and to answer your question: yes, yes i had 2 ;D

L: lol, so what r u and the lads doing 2day :D

A: eating, singing, irritating each other and probably sleeping :D

L: no shit Sherlock ;D, you can come over if u want

A: well i just asked the lads they said they're going to text u the answers :D

Right then i got 3 texts:


Mikey: im taking ketchup with us so a big YES :D

Luke: mah pleasure to see mah laday ;D

i laughed at lukes text. i started writing to ash again:

L: i take that as a yes

A: it sure is :D

L: but aren't u coming u didn't write :(

A: sowwyyyyyyy, ill be coming also and im thrilled to see you again :D
L: Ash, honey, u saw me for minor than 10 hours ago :D

A: yeah, but still. :D

L:if u guys comes over here at 1 everyone is up :)

A: okay dokay c ya :D

L: see ya later :D


i decided i will wake up the girls in a funny way for me.

i stood up and walked into the middle of the room (we share room) i put my hand at my ears and i screamed as high i could.

all the girls fell out of they're beds "what happened" they said in unison "oh nothing i just had to wake you up" "f**k you lib" "love ya too Marcy, oh and by the way the 5sos lads are coming over at 1 so get ready" they all stood up and ran too to they're closets to get ready.

i have to be honest im exited to see Ashton again.







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