He Saved Me ( boyxboy)


1. Chapter One: Him

" King, it's 12:30 you're thirty minutes late. I'm late for work and i'm not leaving you here alone. "


His mum yelled from downstairs making him groan throwing himself toward the edge of his bed dramatically as if it would pain him to be productive today. But honestly it could, being productive, social, nice, etc. all gave him headaches.


He'd rather sit in his room on the internet complaining to his friends about how much he hated things, then watch porn after they went to bed then furiously rut against his bed until he came because he was an awkward sexually confused transgender who refused to touch his vagina. But who could blame him, vaginas are weird. He shivered at that thought, making a mental note to look up how girls masturbate after he got back home because he was honestly confused on how everything worked. 


Standing up from his spot on the bed, he sluggishly made his way toward his closet letting his eyes carry over the pile of shoes that'd oh-so-obviously been thrown into his closet, trying to decide which ones to wear. He settles on his black and white vans before pulling a white sweater with a black unicorn on off a hanger and onto his shirtless body.


He then grabbed a pair of black leggings and slid them on too before walking out of his room making sure not to forget to close and lock the door. Once he was sure that it was locked he bounded down the stairs making sure to jump over the last three steps just because he could before heading out the door and hopping into the car where his agitated mum sat smoking a cigarette and texting on her phone.

He rolled his eyes at this, sitting in the back seat making sure he was as far away from her as he could get, knowing that if she was really angry she'd probably take it out on him. And he honestly wasn't in the mood to be hit or yelled at.


" Preston King Jameson, this is the third day this week that you have made me late for work, and I swear to god if I get fired 'm gonna start knocking the fuck out you. Got it? "


Preston bit his lip holding back a sassy remark, knowing his mother was in know mood for his sass and would follow threw on her threat even though she chooses to wait for him instead of letting him stay home. He managed to stay silent though, keeping his head down so his fringe covered his eyes blocking him from meeting his mothers glare through-out the whole care ride only looking up when the vehicle stopped.


Unbuckling his seat belt he sighed in relief happy to get out of the awkward situation, he was beginning to have a nervous sweat. Once he was fully out of the car he shut the door stepping over so he was infront of the rolled down passenger seat window.


" Bye mum. "


He whispered finally looking up into her hazel and green contacts, this only earned him and eye roll and a muttered 'bye' before she sped off leaving him alone outside of the church his group therapy sessions were held in. He sighed at this, wiping his moistened eyes before turning on his heels and marching toward the wooden doors, swinging them open and stepping in.


He was suddenly hit by a cool breeze as he stepped into the large church house reminding himself to wear an undershirt next time so  he won't have to freeze his tits off. Tucking that thought in the back of his mind he headed down a couple familiar hallways then opened a familiar door letting himself in and looking for an empty chair only to see that there was none.

" Ah Preston! We didn't think you were coming today so we gave your seat to our groups newest member, I hope you don't mind. "

Preston nodded at this, not really caring much about his seat but simply searching the group for the familiar face he had yet to notice only to have his eyes nearly pop right out of his head upon seeing it. The groups newest member was a boy wearing wripped dark grey skinny jeans to cover his long skinny legs that seemed to go on for days, a white t-shirt that had 'slipknot' written in some odd font to cover his torso and a leather jacket that held studs around the collar to cover what Preston could've guessed (more like fantasized) were long muscle-y arms.


He had curly chestnut brown hair that was cut a bit on the side and left long on the top to create a bit of a fohawk and looked so soft Preston wanted to drag his fingers threw it, thin red lips adorned with a single piercing on the right side of his bottom lips, cold emerald green eyes that seemed to be boring into Preston's soul and a strong jawline. The boy all in all was perfect and Preston was attracted to him to say the least.

" Preston? Preston? Oreston deary are you okay? You looked flushed and out of breath, should I call your mom? "


He was suddenly snapped out of my trance at this and began shaking his head from side-to-side vigorously making sure she didn't call his mum.


" No Miss, 'm fine I swear. Just a bit under the weather. "


He lied. He was not fine, far from actually. He was nervous, and sweaty, and gittery, and agitated with the fact that he didn't know what was going on in that beautiful boys head.


" Oh well, I hope you feel better. Let's get you a seat so you can sit for a bit and we'll go over introductions again just for you. "


Preston nodded at this letting out a sigh in relief only to have his breath get caught in his throat at the feeling of the green eyes beauties eyes raking over his body, he was suddenly VERY self conscious.

- - - -  -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Sun.Flower: I hope you guys like my story i'm really excited to see how it plays out! i hope you are too. 





love me.


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