Daddy's Little Girl - Two

Sequel to Banga! Banga! - This is about Aurora Esme Horan and her father Niall. At first it's about Niall and all the difficulties with being a father. He promised to protect her. Will he keep that promise? Will she turn out to be a good kid? Will he be a good father like Leela said? (on hold but made when i was 11 or 12 so beware! XD )


3. Chapter Three!

Chapter Three!

I wake up in sobs, I had a dream about Leela. She... She was in the hospital again. It was the last moment I had with her.

"Niall? Mate, are you okay?" I turn to see Harry standing in the doorway.

"I miss her. I miss Leela." I cry in the my hands.

He comes over to me and pats me on the back. "I do too." He states.

"Esme didn't even get to see her. Didn't get held by her." I sob. "She's going to hate growing up without a mother. I'm going to be a horrible father. I want to be the best father, but I don't even know where to start." I cry harder.

"My mum use to tell me, that she was so scared to bring me home. That she didn't know how to be a mum, she didn't know how to raise a kid, but you will figure it out as the kid grows. The thing is, nobody knows how to be a parent, you learn as they grow." He comforts me.

I nod and wipe my tears away. Esme starts to cry probably for a diaper change and for food. I start to get up but Harry insist to take care of it and for me to go to sleep.

"Are you sure, mate?" I double check.

"Of course." He walks to her. I go to my room and lay down on my bed. This is the first time since I was her with Leela. I've been sleeping near Esme since I brought her home. It's so cold and empty.

I slowly fade to sleep, with tears slowly coming down my face.


"Say wake up daddy." Harry's baby voice booms above me. I feel a baby on my stomach.

My eyes flutter open, seeing Esme smiling at me. I smile widely. "What's daddy's little girl doing?" I say in my baby voice, and she giggles.

"I already fed her and changed her diaper and I made you some breakfast too. I will stay until you after you eat then I'll leave. Don't tell the boys I stayed here, okay?" He said.

"I already told Louis, mate. Sorry." I say.

"Okay, it's okay. But I have to leave." He says again.

"Okay, go ahead. I have her." I say while heading to the kitchen.

"Are y'all going to be okay? Here alone, I mean." He worriedly asks.

"Yeah, man. We are going to be fine." I say to him, and look at Esme, "aren't we, sunshine?" She smiles at me.

"Okay, well I'll see ya later then?" He asks, kissing Esme's forehead.

"Okay, mate." I start to eat.

"Bye, Esme." Harry waves at us, as he walks out of the door.

"Where would you like to go, Esme?" I ask, not expecting an answer because she can't talk yet.

A few minutes later, Zayn and Perrie walk in. "Awhhh, she's grown!" Perrie says in a high pitched voice.

I hand her over to Perrie, and she walks out back with her. Zayn stays inside with me. "How ya doing, mate?" He asks.

"I'm glad Esme has Perrie. I feel like she needs a woman in her life. You know? I mean she has Eleanor and Sophia too. It's just nice when y'all come over." I nod, ignoring his question. He nods, not pushing his question any further.

"Let's invite everybody over for dinner tonight, Niall. It'll be fun. We haven't all gotten together in ages. And we can all watch Esme. How about it?" He asks hopeful.

"Sure." I agree.

"Great." He smiles.

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