Daddy's Little Girl - Two

Sequel to Banga! Banga! - This is about Aurora Esme Horan and her father Niall. At first it's about Niall and all the difficulties with being a father. He promised to protect her. Will he keep that promise? Will she turn out to be a good kid? Will he be a good father like Leela said? (on hold but made when i was 11 or 12 so beware! XD )


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six!-



I wake up in Niall's guest rooms bed. My girl is pissed at me. She's been too clingy lately. I guess she has a right to be since she's two months pregnant. All I said was

'What if we are bad parents?' Since I was nervous, I still am. And she went all crazy on me saying 'You think I'm going to be a bad mother?!'

Niall says it's her hormones, but she's C R A Z Y!

Niall went for his morning run while I watch Esme. I don't mind watching Esme, I just think Niall needs to find a girl for him and a mother for Esme.

He always rejects me and gets defensive if I bring up a girl though. I don't blame him, his girl, my best friend died only seven months ago. Niall is doing a lot better now though, he laughs more often. And goes out more. He's getting there.

Harry on the other hand is getting worse. Apparently, when he was missing for two months, he was getting high and drunk. He stopped for a week so he could see Esme, but then started again.

No one hangs out with him anymore, we tried to fix him but he's...... Broken. I hope he finds the light somewhere down the road.

"Dada dada dada" Esme smiles and says after I keep telling her to say 'Uncle Lou'.

"Noooo, say Uncle Lou." I say again.

"Dada." She smiles bigger. And I start tickling her because she won't say my name.

"You know? I think your doing that on purpose just to make me mad." I say to her. She doesn't say anything back of course, she can't even understand me.


Niall comes back from his run and comes through the door.

"I think you have this kid brainwashed just to say dada...." I begin to go on until I see a girl coming in behind Niall. "Who are you? I say to her.

"My name is Addison, but you can call me Addy." She happily says. "I work at Khamenei Day Care, and Niall wants to sign Esme up." She smiles.

"Why? What does she need day care for?" I ask.

"Well I've been thinking I need a job and I've applied myself for some and I got accepted at a journalism job to edit papers and stuff." He smiles.

"That's really good, bro. I didn't know you were into writing and stuff, but congrats man." I say unsurely.

"Thanks, man." He goes and picks up Esme.

"So why is she here?" I ask again.

"She wan..." Niall begins but gets interrupted by that Addy girl.

"I wanted to meet Esme. I actually knew Leela, we met at a water park. Austin was friends with my brother, Irvin, and we all got together to go." She smiles brightly.

"Oh." I say and turn to Niall and mouth 'Is she crazy?!' He just laughs.

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