Vampire One-Shots.

This is not one story. It is multiple of one-shots. Each chapter is a different short story, Vampire based.


1. Vampire Heart

Here in the deep shadows of a willow tree, I watched how she danced freely through the fully bloomed flowers in the park. The sun shone brightly and reflected off of her golden blonde hair as she twisted and twirled. A bright smile adorning her face. Her name; Aurora Deadwood. A twenty one year old free spirit. Aurora is a girl who takes each day as it comes, not matter the consequences. I miss those days. Ever since 23rd June 1876. That’s the summer night I was re-born at the age of twenty three. If only Aurora knew who I really was.

My name is Damon Black. I’m a Vampire pretending to have a heart beat for the sake of this wonderful girl. And dammit, she’s worth it. We met two summers ago. 23rd June 2007, the 131st anniversary of my re-birth and again, tonight, we shall meet on my 133rd anniversary under this willow tree. Tonight, I have to tell Aurora the truth.

Usually, my kind do things differently. For example:- Turning the woman they love without them knowing who they really are and having their love hate them for the rest of eternity. I’ve seen it happen to my brother, Tristan Black. Speaking of my brother, he was the one that turned me. I don’t know the full story of how he turned, but I’m guessing after a heavy night of drinking after our parents death, he begged a vampire to turn him.

Yes, most of the human race know about us, but some don’t. Aurora is one of the none-believers, she believes its nothing. Something that has come from someone’s wild imagination, something make belief. I have to persuade her, but not scare her at the same time. I love her with all of my cold, dead, black heart. I know vampires come across as feared creatures of the night, but I’ll show her the beauty of being damned.

Looking up into the sky, I watched as the sun finally set. Looking back at my beautiful Aurora, a frown set on her lips. She does love the sun. Sitting down in her white summer dress, she pulled her baby blue cardigan around her tightly as she sat and waited to see if she could see me make my entrance. But I’m always here before her, to watch her dance and spring.

“Aurora, my love.” I cooed her gently.

She looked up startled. “Damon?”

“I’m here.” I said, lighting a few candles that I wedged into the cracks of the bark of the tree. The willow tree began to glow.

“Oh, Damon.” Aurora smiled as she twirled in a circle. “This is wonderful.”

“Not too corny for you?”

Aurora giggled that amazing laugh of hers. “Not when its happening for real.” She says walking towards me and laying a hand on my chest. “I wish I thought of doing this, but for you. It is your 23rd birthday after all.”

Yet again. “It doesn’t matter, as long as I have you.” I tell her, meaning every single word.

Aurora’s smile widened as she stretched onto her tip toes and gently brushed her lips with mine. Pulling back, her smile remained. And its that smile that only smiles for me. I remember when I used to watch her before she ever met me. I’d be on the roof tops, or in the shadows of an alley or a tree and I’d watch her walk home from her late night job at the café. A frown always decorated her face, and no wonder. She was alone in the world, an orphan before she moved out on her own at eighteen. Yet, this girl fascinated me and I thought and still think that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. All the more reason to tell her the truth.

Taking Aurora’s hand in mine, I walked us over to where a blanket laid on the floor. “Please, sit with me.”

Aurora did so, snuggling up to me. “I love you, Damon.”

“And I love you.” I tell her, stroking my hand on her cheek. “But I have something to tell you…”

“What is it?” Aurora questioned, quickly pulling away from me. “Is it something serious?”

“You could say that.” I said quietly, taking in deep breaths that I really didn’t need to do. I’m dead.

Looking into Aurora’s Eden blue eyes, she looked worried. “Damon,” she said my name so quiet that it was a mere whisper. “What is it?”

“I don’t want to scare you, but doubt you would believe me if I told you.”

“Damon, you’re scaring me now!” Aurora squeaked. “Just tell me.”

“Its not that easy,” I tell her, quickly standing to my feet and walked to the opening of the willow tree.

I felt her movement. Not quiet enough for my senses, but deaf to a human and she moved very slow. I could feel her heartbeat race and her scared, worried emotions ran through me like a shock wave. I was scaring her more by not saying anything. Maybe I should just show her? It’s the only way she will ever come to terms with what really is out there. And if she rejects me, then I guess I leave. I will not force her, my love, like my brother did his.

“Take my hand.” I said softly, holding out for her.

Her warm fingers laced with my cold ones. Her worried eyes looked up at me questionably. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere so you’ll know the real truth about me. I can’t go on without letting you know and if you refuse to be with me after this, I promise you, that I will leave the country and never bother you again.”

Aurora’s eye colour began to spill. “No matter what it is, I want to be with you forever.”

Smiling at her, I kissed her lips, sending her to sleep. “I will wake you soon.” I whispered.

Lifting Aurora into my arms, I went from one side of the country to the other. Right to an unknown city, known as Vamp Central. Humans do live here. They’re either slaves, blood donors/whores and some even work for vamps because the money is good. The only things the humans have to do is keep their mouths shut about Vamp Central or they will be killed. Slowly. We have to keep ourselves quiet. Fair enough, some humans know, but that’s too many. I just hope Aurora takes this well.

Landing to my feet, I backed into an alley way. Looking down at my beloved Aurora, I kissed her lips to awaken her. “Hi.”

“Ugh, what happened?” She asked groggily.

“I sent you to sleep and awoke you.”

Aurora looked at me confused. “How?”

“A simple kiss.”

“We kiss all the time.” Aurora argued, looking at her surroundings.

I took in a deep breath. “Not when I use my power within.”

Aurora completely ignored me and questioned, “Where the hell are we?”

Ha, I had to laugh to myself just then. Because that was the answer, hell, I was wanting to give her. “Vamp Central.”

“The vampire talk again? Are you serious?” Aurora asks, looking at me with a bored expression on her face.

Looking over her shoulder, I spotted a senior vamp pinning up a young human girl and kissing her lips hungrily. I guess I’ll have to show her, I thought. Grabbing her wrist, I pulled her towards the pavement where I first landed so she could get a closer view on what this senior vamp was doing. After having rough sex with the girl, (you’d be surprised what they do in public here) he sank his teeth into her neck. Aurora still believed he was only kissing her neck, that was until he pulled away and roared in pleasure. Blood trickled down his chin onto his white shirt and blood stained the girls neck.

“Don’t scream.” I whispered to Aurora as I watched the fear spread in her eyes.

Aurora quickly turned on her heal and ran down the alley way. As I reached her, she was throwing up by a dust bin. “You’re one of them?!” She nearly yelled after wiping her mouth.

“Aurora, please let me explain?” I begged, wanting to touch her but not daring. “Not all vampires are like that.”

“I don’t care, Damon!” She shouted. “You lied to me from the very beginning!”

“And how was I to tell you about this on our first date, you would have ran off by a mile.” I say to her, getting frustrated with myself. “I wanted you to get to know the real me, as a person, not as a creature.” Aurora burst into tears and fell to her knees. Her pale, soft hands hid her beautiful face. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, kneeling beside her. “But you deserved to know, I couldn’t carry on with you, living a lie.”

“Thank you,” she muffled from behind her hands.

I sighed heavily. “Please, look at me.” Aurora slowly let her hands fall and she shook as she brought her gaze to mine. “Don’t be afraid, Aurora. I would never hurt you.”

“I know you wouldn’t.” She whispered.

“Tell me what’s going through your mind?” I asked her, or more or less demanded.

“Everything.” She said, not being so distant from me. “Not believing in this and for it all to tumble down on me like it has. . .I feel like I’m crushed.” Aurora sighed. “But I’m glad you’ve told me. . .All I ask is, though, why two years to tell me?”

“Its not something you just slip out over dinner now, is it?” I joked, causing us both to chuckle.

“I guess not.” Aurora agreed.

“So what now?” I ask, nervously. It was make or break time. “I promise you, there’s more beauty to vampirism than that. Not all of us are like that. To be honest, most live like I do.”

Aurora just stared into my eyes, as if reading into my soul if I had one. So many emotions washed through her eyes so fast that they were just a blur, but she knew she was making me nervous and that’s when I got a hint of confusion. But as quick as it came, the quicker it went. Aurora stepped further towards me and slowly lifted her hand to my face and gently grazed her thumb on my cold, pale cheek. She bit her bottom lip, debating and suddenly let her hand fall.


“I guess I can’t escape the wrath of your heart. You were as lost as I was once."

“Until I laid eyes on you.” I tell her. “I fell in love with you because you were a free spirit. You only ever smiled when the sun shone. But soon as you went through the other seasons, you held onto life so tightly until you saw the sun again.”

“Then I promise to love you like the sun and hold onto you like I held onto life,” Aurora whispered softly, so soft that angels would cry. “Set me free, Damon.”

I began to shake. Literally. What the hell is happening to me? I’ve never felt like this before, but as I looked at Aurora, I watched how a golden glow around her body rose above her head. Looking up myself, a black cloud hunger over mine. Both of the colours moved towards each other and as soon as they touched, sparks began to burst and my hunger increased. Before I could even stop myself, I sunk my teeth deep into Aurora’s neck, and just like our auras, I felt sparks burst within me as I drank her blood. 133 years it has taken me to find someone to unlock my vampire heart. It may have been a long wait, but its been worth while.

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