Diary Entries

Just some diary entries, blogs, more about life and etc. Sorry not a big fan of fanfic.


14. Selfishness

To be honest, this is the first time I've been so scared in my whole life. It's about me going to Grade 8. Everyday I always stress out thinking, will I have friends? Will I be loner? Is there gonna be more drama's or problems? Will my secret slip out? Will I regret something? There's so many what if's in my mind. This grade is sure gonna be exciting, nervous recking, sadness, and etc. But there's sure gonna be New Crush, New Grade, New Teacher, Same or Different Classmate. 1 more final year till I graduate. I just hope I won't let my parents or family down. I know there counting on me. They're teaching me how to be perfect. It's kinda hard, parents teaching me not to do the things I want. Sometimes I wish I just wanna ran away, kill myself, or bury myself so nobody could find me. Sometimes I just think there selfish.

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