Diary Entries

Just some diary entries, blogs, more about life and etc. Sorry not a big fan of fanfic.


2. Secrets Part 2

Secrets Part 2

Secrets Part 2. At first i always though the new girl always hangs out with her friends. But i guess i was wrong, i ended up being alone. At first day of starting mclurg was kinda great because i saw christina(Btw my classmate from St. Francis aka hell) so yeah she always or sometimes ditch her friends just so we and her could hang out. One time she told me that she was gonna move because of the teachers, curtis, z, kelly, maddy and paige. Her mom told her not to tell anyone. But i guess she trust me. I mean everyone does. The next day she wasn't there. At first i though she was probably sick that's why she's absent. Everyday i always wait for her. Now i know why she doesnt go to school, because she moved. I was devestated at that time cause she was just my only friend aside from suzzana, trinity, zailin, mushtaq, and paige. When i get back home at that time. She told me whats up. I said nothing much. Everytime i told her did you moved. She always avoided my questions. It's like she's ignoring me or that question. Few days later, i met a friend her name was Brooklyn. She was really nice. She has blonde her. She sometimes can be annoying and wont leave you alone. *3 months later* I now know that real her. She become fond of my personal life, just like rachel does to. She always wants to found out every secret i have. *Flashback on April 10, 2014* Worst Day Ever cause Ive had enough of brooklyn. To the story; this morning when i got to school. I decided to ignore brooklyn because a)everyday when i see her she always came up to me and always talk about brayden this or brayden ask me that. Ugh im so tired hearing that. B) she never lets me talk to my friends, friends as in paige, maddy, or etc. one time she hides me behind her so i wont see them. But luckily i did. I got really mad at her. C) one time when she was being 'friendly' to cameron was it. I think it was jolessa from grade 8 class and i think maybe kaydens sister. Idk. But when jolessa saw cameron talking to brooklyn(probably me to even though brooklyn was the only one who was talking to her) but anyway. Lets just say it didnt end well. Well jolessa got mad at me and brooklyn because were not cameron's friend actually. She told us that cameron shouldnt hang out or talk to us. She was really piss to both of us. After jolessa left. I was really mad and piss at brooklyn. After like 5 seconds. She asked me 'whats wrong christelle' oh my god is this girl any dumber. She let 3 grade 1 probably 6 years old touch me where i shouldnt be touch and all thats stuffs. But really all she fucking says what's wrong megan. D) all she do is swear. Not one day can she lives without swearing. E) one time she told me that mrs j told her why i moved and stuff she even make me believe that i was crazy and stuff. My parents was almost gonna sue the school. Wow im really stupid, stupid for being her friend. How could i do that to myself. I should have listen to myself. I should have listen to maddy. I should have listen to Albert. I should have listen to paige. I should have listen to my parents. But no i always force myself because i always tell myself one day theyre gonna change right? This is the last time im gonna trust myself. I should have never listen to my brain. Instead my ears and eyes and heart. *sigh* Now she's blaming me it on me just because maddy, suzzy, and paige told her that she broke my hand. (Btw i just told maddy, suzzy, paige, and everybody i just punch my hand because i was mad at someone or brooklyn) i never even made up stories. Even ask mrs j. Brooklyn even told some of my friends and mrs j. How dare she do that. All she do is fucking cry just my friends could turn there backs behind me and leave me just for her. Who does she think she is. Magically make my friend turn behind my back. Im not a bitch or evil. I just want my life to be over. If i kill myself i know i wouldnt cause drama. Maybe what suzzy said was maybe right. My mind is controlling me. *sigh* but if i am doing this for attention. Wouldnt i be dead right now? Wont people bully me? Will my friends miss me? Did i even have to meet brooklyn? There's so many questions in my head. Why does my life have to be unfair? Why is this starting all over again? Its like im creating a monster. I really need to stop the monster. But i do know i wont fucking apologized to brooklyn. She should be the one who needs to fucking apologized, not me. I dont deserve to waste my breath apologizing to her. I dont even think she could be my friend anymore. Ha i wont even think i could delete me and her conversation. Im not evil really. She once used to be my sister. But i think i discovered the true her. She doesnt deserve all the tears i cry. Just to make her win this battle. I am Megan and i don't give up. I will fight my rights that im the true and real victime not her. Just because she knows alot of people, teacher trust her and all that. Doesnt mean she can fight me down. Im friends with the monster thats under my bed. And this is my last time probably saying this one more time. Im not creating drama. But she is creating stories and terrible lies. I will avoid her for the rest of my life and year. I wont look at her. I will still get even like she always do to me. I will be badass. I will let my bad ass Megan out. I wont be the nice, goody too shoes anymore, i wont be mature, i wont listen to anyone but my heart and myself. I wont say negative things about myself. Because i know that will make myself be more depressed. Everyday i will always smile. Because i know smiling will kill them. They'll think ive moved on and i've won the battle not her nor anyone. Braeden ask me if i was okay i said yes. Andy gave me a hug. Maddy hug me. Paige gave me a hug. Jade cry :( and told me she was sorry.

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