Diary Entries

Just some diary entries, blogs, more about life and etc. Sorry not a big fan of fanfic.


16. Injured Wrist

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. Yesterday Friday, September 11, 2014. Pretty much, I've had an interesting day. Let's start off on what happened on phys ed. I was changing in the stall after I finish changing I then put a little bit of perfume. When I got out of the stall, every girl in there was like who would wear perfume before gym. And that bitch was Teale Anderson. Whose Teale Anderson you may ask. She's one of the biggest bitches in the whole school. While observing her for awhile. She's acting immature and childish so she could get people attentions, she makes people low self esteem down, and mostly she makes fun of people. Along side with her is Jenna. Blonde and pretty. At first you may think oh she seems nice, but once you get to know her later. She's an eavesdropper, bitch, and slut. Drenissa. Stupid, bitch and liar person you'll ever met. She may look short to you or she may compliment you infront of people. But if there's only Jenna, her, and Teale. She would make fun of how people look, talked, and act. That's right there's mean girls part 3. Enough talked about them, we played volleyball which leads to me having an injured wrist aka hand. At first I though the pain would just go away, but later on like 3 hours later. It was 2:00 p.m already. I was in so much pain. I asked the teacher, we'll not really me. But my friend Andy did. Anywho, the teacher saw how pain I was. I think some people saw and heard. Omg and even my crush Braeden. I think I saw his face written concerned which I highly doubt that. I dunno, I really like him. But my friend, Andy does tho. Let's just see we're the future holds us too.

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