Diary Entries

Just some diary entries, blogs, more about life and etc. Sorry not a big fan of fanfic.


15. Curiosity Can Leads Us To Finding Secrets

Curiosity Can Leads Us To Finding Secrets: There's so many secrets I wanted to tell my best friend or someone because it's like there's a rock off my back to get it all out so here it is. First I know my dad watches porn. How do I know that or how did I find out? I always knew he was acting strange everyday. Always on his phone. One time when I was looking at the history button to find out what he was looking at. I found out that he was searching up like boobs, nipples, and etc. It was kinda disgusting. I know if I tell mom something sure is gonna happen. Second secret, I'm into older guys. Something about them just attracts me. Last time I remember I was hooking up to someone on Skype. He was 19 I think. He's from Germany to. The second one was I think this guy from a convenient store is fucking hot. I don't know if I heard it wrong. But he did call me baby. The third one I met on omegle. He's name was Michael or was it Mike. But anyways he was 31. We were sexting. I also chatted some cute or hot guys on Kik. They said if I show my boobs to them then they'll give me something in return. That is my guilty pleasure. Third secret, I don't like people sad. Fourth secret I write fan fiction. Fifth secret I hate when my parents fight cause sometimes my little brother here's it. There's still lots of my secrets. But I'll tell you people later.

Peace out. Don't forget to read my other Fanfic the Vlogger.

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