You're My Reason

The poem which was made for the women who saved me....the women who gave me a reason to live the one I adore and love the most. She died when our baby was 1 year and 6 months...I wondered everyday how she was. Is she watching over us? Can she see our baby grow up? This is the story back when we were in our sophomore year. At that time I was 16 and so was she...a story way back to when we first meet up till the day she died.


13. Shigeki's Pastries

The bell had rung and it was time to go home.

"Hey Matthew!" said Ethan as everyone in the class started coming up to me. Mike came up to me as well.

"Let's go get some food over at Shiguki's Pastries?" said Nikishi

"Sure just let me go invite someone else then."

"Hey Matthew can we go??" asked Lucia, Yui, and Nikita.

"Yea of course why not.." I left quickly to go get Lily. I walked over to class 2-B.

"Lily?" I entered the classroom.

"Hey look it's Matthew!" said girls whispering. I saw Lily turn around.

"Hey Matthew!" said Lily

"Let's go we're going over with some of my friends to get food over by Shigeki's Pastries."

"Oh ok! Bye guys!" said Lily getting up coming towards me.

"Bye, Lily! Bye Matthew!"

"Bye girls," I replied. We meet up with everyone else at the front gate.

"Hey Lily," said Lucia.

"Hey Lucia, Yui, Nikishi, Mike, Ethan, and Nikita," Lily replied. We all got ready to go. As we walked our way there I was busy thinking about the winter festival.

"M-A-T-T-H-E-W!" yelled Mike as he slammed his hand on my back.

"OW! What the heck Mike!" I yelled as well. The girls laughed.

"Didn't you hear me calling you?" he said.

" sorry was just spacing out a bit."

"Anyways guys we're here!" said Yui. We all went inside. We let the girls order what they wanted then me, Mike, Ethan, and Nikishi chose what we wanted. We all went to go sit down at a table big enough for all of us. After waiting a few minutes for our pastries the waitress brought our food and drinks.

"Ooo!! Looks yummy!" said Nikita.

"You bet!" said Lucia. I took a bite of my chocolate glazed donut. The taste of it just melted away in my mouth which tasted very good.

"Damn this place is awesome!" I said as I laughed.

"Damn right you are Matthew," said Ethan chewing his donut.

"Maybe we should come here next time, Yea?" said Nikishi. Everyone was enjoying their pastries and drinks which made me feel glad that we came. After I finished both my donuts I looked at the window and noticed Mei and her friends were in trouble by the alley from a group of gangster. Shit! I have to go save them! I got up and started running towards the door.

"Hey Matthew!" yelled Mike.

"Wait where are you going Matthew," asked Lily and Lucia.

"Matthew!" yelled Ethan and Nikishi.

"I'll be right back!" I quickly left towards the alley. I saw Mei being touched by the guy and the other girl cornered.

"WHY YOU ASSHOLE!" I yelled as I grabbed the man's shoulder and as he turned I punched him in the face. He fell to the ground. 

"Mei?! Are you ok!?!?" I asked

"Y-yea I'm fine," said Mei crying. I looked at the other girl she was crying too.

"Stay close to me Mei!" I said as I grabbed the other guy lifted him up throwing him on the ground.

"Are you ok?!" I asked the other girl.

"I'm ok," she said crying as well.

"MATTHEW! THE HELL MAN!" I heard Mike yell from a distance. The two guys got up but with bats this time.

"Stay behind me girls.." They both came running towards me. They both slashed their bats at me. I quickly dodged them and punched one of the guys really hard in the stomach while I kicked the other guy in the face.

"Matthew that was dangerous!" yelled Mike at me. Ethan and Nikishi grabbed the other two guys from behind.

"Matthew!" yelled Lucia and Lily carrying our stuff.

"Sorry for making you worry guys..."

"The fuck man! you could've gotten hurt!" said Mike pissed at me. I got pissed at his words.

"The hell did you wanted me to do! Just sit back and watch how Mei and her friend almost gotten raped?!?!" I yelled. Mike calmed down.

"You could've at least asked for help.," Mike called the police and they came.

"You ok Mei and.....?" I asked.

"Jamie..." said Jamie.

"Yea we're fine." They said as they wiped their tears away. Lucia, Yui, Lily, and Nikita gave them a hug.

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