You're My Reason

The poem which was made for the women who saved me....the women who gave me a reason to live the one I adore and love the most. She died when our baby was 1 year and 6 months...I wondered everyday how she was. Is she watching over us? Can she see our baby grow up? This is the story back when we were in our sophomore year. At that time I was 16 and so was she...a story way back to when we first meet up till the day she died.


5. Miserable/Laughter

I wore the black shirt Rui gave me it was appealing. I walked down the hallway to the boy's locker room to change into my uniform. Once I made it I changed. I kept the black shirt on and put my uniform shirt on top of it. I closed my locker and left the boys locker room. I walked down the hallway going to my next class period I had baking classes next. I entered the room and took an apron that was black with a red logo on the upright corner that was my apron I made. I put it on and tied the back. I saw a few girls come in the classroom. On the board, Mr.Takashi wrote he would be right back. He also wrote to get the flour, eggs, milk, butter, and cookie dough ready or choc. chips... I started getting them ready until I heard a really loud scream come from the hallway. I ran past the girls by the door and ran out to the hallway.

My eyes widened it was Lily she was on the ground.

"Lily!!" I said running towards her picking her up.

"Lily what happen!?" I kind of said in a worried voice she didn't respond. I took her to the nurse and the nurse said that she has to be taken to the hospital. Ms. Tanaka the nurse called the ambulance.

"I'll go too!" I said to the nurse

"No, you stay here and finish school she'll be fine at the hospital." Said Tanaka I was worried I left the nurses office and walked back to the classroom. I entered with a sad expression.

"Matthew you ok...?" Someone called out

"Huh?" I looked in front of me a girl I've seen before looked at me. It was May.

"Why are you crying?" Said May I didn't notice I was crying. Then I remembered Lily's heart wasn't beating at all. Tears were overflowing my eyes and down my cheeks. I saw May come close to me and wiped my tears away with her pink handkerchief. I just stared at her. Other girls and guys came into the room and saw me crying and saw May trying to cheer me up. They knew it was about Lily.

"Matthew! Look quickly!" Someone said I turned around and right, when I did a creampie, was hit on my face they took the creampie off then decorated my face with sprinkles and cherries. I removed the cream from my eyes and look at my self in the mirror.

"M-MIKE!!!!" I said laughing in anger I chased him around the room and removed the cream from my face and wiped it on Mike.

"Payback!" I said laughing. Then the class started laughing too.

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