You're My Reason

The poem which was made for the women who saved me....the women who gave me a reason to live the one I adore and love the most. She died when our baby was 1 year and 6 months...I wondered everyday how she was. Is she watching over us? Can she see our baby grow up? This is the story back when we were in our sophomore year. At that time I was 16 and so was she...a story way back to when we first meet up till the day she died.


6. Memories

I was still worried about Lily so I went to the hospital called "Sanjo Taka".

"Ah! Here! Thanks!" I said and gave the taxi man the money. I got off and looked up at the hospital. I went inside and tried looking for the nurse at the front desk.

"Yes, how may I help you?" Said the nurse.

"I'm looking for Lily...Lily Saldana." I said politely

"She's in room 104 on the fourth floor." Said the nurse

"Thank you," I said going to the elevators. The elevator doors opened and I entered. I click the fourth button on the fourth floor. Once I reached it I started looking for 104.

"104....104..." I said looking for it.

"Ah! Here it is." I opened the door quietly. I saw Lily asleep. I closed the door behind me and sat down where the window was. It was night time. I gazed at the starry night sky and the city's lights. It was very beautiful. Before I came to the hospital I decided to buy a teddy bear for her and a "Get better soon" card. I watched her as she sleeping it made me feel sleepy also. I took a nap for awhile. Once I was asleep. I had a a memory I was dreaming.

"Matty! Look I found a puppy!" Five-year-old Lily said as she patted the puppy.

"Let's go tell mama!" Five year old me said I saw Lily pick up the puppy and we ran to my mom's house.

"Mama! Can we keep the puppy!?" Small me said. I heard my mom laugh and say yes. That's when I woke up. It was 9:30pm already.

"I'll stay the night..." I whispered

"You woke up!" Said Lily as I turned to see her.

"Lily! What happen!" I said worried to death

"It was something on my appendix they had to remove it or it would've gonna bad." Said Lily explaining things. I gave a big sigh.

"You got me worried that I cried." I said pouting

"Awww you cried!!" Said Lily

"Hey! I was feeling down from what happen." I said we both turned silent for a moment then laughed it was funny.

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