You're My Reason

The poem which was made for the women who saved me....the women who gave me a reason to live the one I adore and love the most. She died when our baby was 1 year and 6 months...I wondered everyday how she was. Is she watching over us? Can she see our baby grow up? This is the story back when we were in our sophomore year. At that time I was 16 and so was she...a story way back to when we first meet up till the day she died.


12. Invitations

"Psst.." I looked to see who was trying to call me. It was Lucia.

"Yes, Lucia?"

"You want to eat lunch together with my friends and yours?"

"Sure why not"

"Lucia please read the next line in English," said Sensei Ramon.

"Sensei why do you always pick on me," She said raising her hand up.

"Because you don't listen now please read it in English"

"As I walked up into the forest I heard a voice. Not only was it beautiful it was also heartwarming."

"Thank you, Lucia, as expected from you."


~Third Period~

"Ok guys! so yesterday we finished the preparations for the winter festival all we need to do next is to find out what will we be serving the food, drinks, and pastries. Anyone got an idea?" I said

"Well we can serve for the pastry some cookies of three kinds and a chocolate cake cut into pieces," said Lucia. I started writing the list on the board.

"Ok as I'm writing it down on here everyone writes them down and choose what you will be making or bringing. I'll bring the cake."

"For the food, we can serve some salad, chicken wings both hot and BBQ, egg salad,  white rice balls," said Nate.

"Ok." I wrote it down on the board.

"For drinks, we could bring some fruit punch, some different kinds of soda," said Mike. I wrote it down as well.

"Ok, this should be enough if you got more things you will like to add please do we need as much food as possible because this is for the whole school."

"Guys the bell rung time for lunch," said Ren. Lucia and I walked into the lunch room together to get some lunch while our friends came to sit with us. I grabbed the lunch I wanted and so did Lucia.

"Say who do you think your gonna dance with?" asked Lucia as we sat down at the table.

"Hey what are Matthew and Lucia sitting together?" said a girl behinds us.

"Well their both popular between guys and girls so why wouldn't they cross paths." said another girl laughing. I stood in silence.


"Ah no...I don't know, to be honest, I never really did think about it. Until you said it.."

"Matthew!" yelled out Mike as he slapped my back.

"You dam seahorse! That hurt! No need to yell when you near me...geez"

"Haha serves you right for leaving me behind."

"Mr. I have girl problems said that I should go on without him haha!" I saw that it ticked him off. He put one of his arms around my neck and his other arm rubbing real hard on my head.

"For your information, I do not have "Girl Problems" Like you call it"

"Ok ok! Haha sure like you don't have any.."

"Why you little son of a biscuit.." He let go of me.

"You guys seem really close," said Lucia laughing.

"Were childhood friends with Lily too.."

"Hey, guys!"

"Hey, Lily." We all said. I started eating.

"Um...Matthew can I have a word with you?" said Mei as she walked by my side. Lily and the rest stared at me.

"Uh....sure." I got up and walked with her to the hallway.


~Mike's POV~

"Hey guys what do you think she wants to talk to him about?" asked Lily.

"Confession I guess?" I replied. He really does need it though... I saw both Lily and Lucia in a terribly upset mood when I said that.

"H-hey what's up with those faces.."

"What face?" Lucia and Lily said at the same time.

"Never mind...He really does need a confession, to be honest... he hasn't dated anyone for sixteen years plus he's turning seventeen February the first."

"Wow...." said Lucia


~Main POV~

"Well I was wondering if you could dance with me tomorrow at the winter festival.." said Mei playing with her fingers not looking at me. My face turned in a surprised face.

"Yea I'd love to.." I saw that she got excited.


"Yes really...haha" She smiled.

"Well, I got to go cya tomorrow then." She said waving at me as she left.

"Cya." I walked back to the table and sat down. Everyone stared at me again.

"So what did she want to talk about?" asked Mike.

"She wanted to know if I can dance with her tomorrow at the dance festival."

"Ooooh! Something gonna happen!." said Mike laughing.

"What did you tell her?" asked Lucia.

"I said Yes I'd love to.."

"Mike who are you going to dance with?" asked Lily in an upset voice.

"Going to dance with Scarlett and you Lily?" 

"Don't have anyone at the moment... what about you Lucia?"

"Dancing with Ethan." It was time to head to class so everyone threw away their trash. Before I went to class I pulled Lily by the hallway.

"Hey, tomorrow don't dance with anyone just wait for me alright.." I saw her face brighten up which made me smile.

"Ok!" She said smiling. We went back to class.

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