You're My Reason

The poem which was made for the women who saved me....the women who gave me a reason to live the one I adore and love the most. She died when our baby was 1 year and 6 months...I wondered everyday how she was. Is she watching over us? Can she see our baby grow up? This is the story back when we were in our sophomore year. At that time I was 16 and so was she...a story way back to when we first meet up till the day she died.


9. Bad Day

The school bell had rung. I packed up and our next class was heading to the gym to do the rest of the party decorations. We worked right where we left off.

"Hey Matthew can you help me put this banner up?" said Maria one of the students in my class.

"Coming!" I said stopping what I was doing and went over to her.

"Here we go!" I said as I lifted her up to her waist.

"Woah! Please don't drop me!" She said. I laughed.

"I won't... you almost done?"

"Yes, I'm done now thanks!" She said as I put her down. I had forgotten about the other girl's jealousy. To be honest it kind of gets tiring. I went back to my station and finished up my job. I got a call from the office that someone came to see me. I went to the office curious about who wanted to see me during school. I opened the office door. My eyes widened in anger. It was my second oldest brother.

"Hello, Matthew." He smiled.

"Hello, big brother.," I replied. The Principal left us alone for us to talk.

"What do you want.," I called out

"Don't be so rude... I came to take you back." He said smiling.

"What!? You ain't my mother or father!" I said raising my voice a bit. He gave me a frown.

"We are going back to America and your coming with me. I want you to become a somebody, not a nobody who wants to kill himself." He said still frowning. He hit my anger point.

"How...dare you speak about me like your my father...the reason I became like that was that of YOU! You killed father when I was thirteen. You wanted all the money he had for us for when he died we could keep it. I'm glad sis took it and hid it. You don't have the right to control me. You fought with mom! After all those things you told her she committed suicide. I don't see you as my older brother....not even someone related to me but a murder and a stranger. Don't try to pity me by taking me to America. I came back with sis when I was thirteen because she found out you killed dad in our house in America." I said trying not to scream and tears flowing down my cheeks. My face felt warm because I was angry. He stood in silence.

"We are going back to America tomorrow I'm going to pick you up at your house so you better be ready and not run off." He said smiling an evil heartless smile. I walked out the room and shut the door behind me.

"Oh.! Hey, Mat-" said Mike then he stopped when he saw me crying in frustration. I walked passed him.

"HEY! WHATS WRONG!" He grabbed my arm and yelled out.

"I hate my brother! He came back to take me to America tomorrow!" I said looking at him. Mike knows my story since we were little kids. He calmed me down.

"What are you going to do?..." He asked

"I'm going to tell my sister. She works with the federal government... She'll help me." I said sighing.

"Bro you know I don't want you to leave...What about Lily?" He replied.

"I'm not going to leave. Let's not tell her about it she'll freak out." I said

"Ok." He replied. He went to the storage to get some ribbons and I left back to the gym. I smiled and acted like nothing was wrong. Everyone was so happy, joyful, excited and having fun.

"Hey Matthews back!" Yelled out the boys.

"Yay!! Hey, we have something for you!" The girls said smiling and the guys laughing. I wondered what it was. They took out a big picture frame with a picture of my dad and mom. They had decorated the frame with ribbons and glitters.

"It was Mike's Idea!" Said, Jeff

"Yea he's smart!" Jackie said

"Oh here comes Mike!" Yelled out Lucy

"Hey, guys!" Said Mike. I felt so happy and sad they did this for me. I burst out crying with joy and sadness. I didn't know what to say and do. I miss my pops and mom. I missed them soo heart went broken when they both were gone.

"Hey...Matthew......y-you ok?..." Asked Lucia. Everyone turned to me and Mike came up to me. I crouched down crying having my hands on my face. "Why did they had to die..!" I thought. Everyone huddled up in a circle around me.

"Matthew?" Called out the guys.

"Thank you!" I replied. They were quiet. Lucia and Mei patted my back. After 10 minutes of crying, Mike told them my story and they all came and tried cheering me up. We got back to work but this time we got three-fourths of it done.

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