Dancer's Jazzette

Get The title pun? Here is a Magizine by Dancers to Dancers!


10. Recycling Pointe Shoes-Mercat

!!!MERECAT WROTE THIS SHE IS A REPORTER FOR DANCERS JAZZET!!!There will come a day when your pointe shoes have become so danced in that they are completely knackered… this does not mean that they are dead and unhelpful, instead it means they are ready for a new life as soft blocks! (Only do this if you have worn your shoes out rather than grown out of them)

1) Remove the shank (you may require a chisel/knife/ anything hard and sharp) so the sole is soft. The box will still be quite hard.

2) You may want to put in an insole in place of the shank.

3) Enjoy beating up the box of the shoe. Shut it in doors, hit it, squash it… whatever you wish… until it is relatively malleable but still tougher than an ordinary flat shoe.

Voila! You have a pair of soft blocks! Soft blocks can be used in place of ordinary flat shoes. As they are harder, they require harder work from your feet to push through demi-pointe/to tendue so they exercise your feet more.

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