Dancer's Jazzette

Get The title pun? Here is a Magizine by Dancers to Dancers!


9. Point Shoe Preparation and Maintenance-Merecat


1) To sew the ribbons in, fold in the heal off the shoe and attach the ribbon along the line of the fold.

2) Tie the ribbons with the inside ribbon crossing your ankle before the outside ribbon. When you tie them, kneel up on one leg with that foot flexed so that the ribbons are not too tight for you to be able to plié.

As you can see, I have elastic as well as ribbons. Not everybody does but elastic is helpful for keeping the shoes on your feet especially when they are new and stiff.

3) Cut the ribbons to the right length so that they can be tucked-in discretely. This will mean than the inside ribbon is longer than the outside ribbon.

4) The ends of the ribbons are likely to fray. My dance teacher suggests burning the ends but I find that good old clear nail polish is just as effective at stopping fraying :)

5) Now I don’t know about you, but for me the idea of supporting myself on one tiny piece of slippery satin was quite daunting, especially as the floor of our dance studio is so slippery. Some schools have rosin that can be used (we don’t) but another solution is to put suede tips on your shoes. Some shoes (Like these Bloch ones of mine) come with this already sewn on but alternatively you can buy suede tips and use superglue to attach them.

The cheapest option is to get a pair of scissors and slash the soles and the tips to make them less smooth and give you some extra friction.

6) To prevent foot pain and blisters, wrap your feet up inside your shoes. Some people use cotton wool wrapped individually around each toe. My method is much simpler: I have fabric and silicone pads which slip over my toes and cushion them. I have found these very effective – only ever had two pointe-work blisters!


P.S. other colours are available! Most people get pale pink ones to match ballet tights but these green ones were cheaper :)

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