Dancer's Jazzette

Get The title pun? Here is a Magizine by Dancers to Dancers!


3. Movella's For Dancer's!

I was looking through books and thought you guys deserved some Non1D Dance books!

1. The National Academy of Dance by lalatatum

                                "The Chapters She Has are Very Good, and Someone Tell Her To update!"

2. Making It by SunshineandDrumkits

                               "A Story About There Different Dancers!"

3. Dancer's Diary by Real Dancer's (Wolf Lover and Glacier Ice so far)

                                 "No 1D in Here! Just a Diary For Dancers!" 

4.Twinkle Toes by Wolf Lover and Glacier Ice

                       "Two Dancer's Who get accepted into Western Dance Academy!"


 Hope I help, for you dancer's who don't like Dance 1D Fan-Fic's!

                                                                                           -Dancing Glacier Ice

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