Dancer's Jazzette

Get The title pun? Here is a Magizine by Dancers to Dancers!


8. Breaking in Pointe Shoes-Merecat



Breaking pointe shoes in properly is very important for keep your feet happy and healthy :)

1) To begin, wear your shoes around the house with big fluffy socks over the top. As it is layers of glue that make pointe shoes so hard warming them up will melt the glue a little and make them softer.

2) The hardest thing about breaking-in is making the shoes danceable without making them too soft (their job is to support you!) or snapping the shank (the hard sole). Snapping the shank means that your arches and ankles have no support… the shank will eventually break once they have been worn to pieces.


3) To save the shank, soften/bend the sole higher up (just below the heal) rather than in the centre. Bending it here means that it is still sturdy and gives suppose but also softens to the curve of your foot.

4) One thing I struggled with when breaking-in my first pair was softening the box to get my demi-pointe
For the top: massage around the draw-string – this should soften quite easily.

For the bottom: persevere! There is no magic solution. You can try to bend them to your feet but the best way is just to wear them. They will soften over time with use; just try to do lots of rises making sure you really use your demi-pointe.



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