Ink Clouds

A draft sends Mary's little cloud drawings out of her window, much to her dismay.
Being the kind of person she is, she had to get them back.
When the journeys down to her yard to retrieve it, Mary finds that someone else has already fetched it for her.


1. Cumulonimbus

The day was bright, little cottonballs flouted lazily in the sky, having no particular sense of direction. I sat in front of my window and little doodle of clouds dotted my notebook, little faces drawn on them. The cumulonimbus’ had cocky faces, all high and mighty in themselves. The nimbostratus’ had frowns and small ink tears coming from their eyes. I had always loved clouds, they seemed free, even the sad little grey nimbostratus’ are free once they rain and let go of all the weight.

The little ink clouds soon came to an end as a particular, and may quite mysterious, draft flew through her my room, ruffling my hair and sending my paper on a journey out of my window.

"Wait! Come back!" I yelled instinctively, although I knew that it was, of course, just paper.

I looked out the window and down at the ground, I couldn't just jump out, my room was on the third floor, although it did cross my mind. I ran out of my room and the draft slammed it shut,I paid no mind as I hopped down the stairs, daring to take two at a time.

I know it seems like a lot for just a little piece of paper, but I always grow attatched to things, even if it may be tiny ink clouds. I ran through the hall on the first floor towards the door, although foolishly wearing socks, I had absolutely no traction, sliding right into the door.

A groan escaped my lips, and my nose throbbed, that wasn't important though, I just had to get that paper back. I quickly opened the door and ran out, the hard (and hot) concrete compelling me to go faster.

I entered the grass and looked around where the small piece of notebook paper was, where I last saw it.

Before I left it had just been laying there, caught in one of the flowers that dotted our yard. Perhaps the wind picked it up?

A frown tugged on my lips and I continued to search, before hearing a voice.

" this yours?"

I shot up from kneeling on the ground and looked around for the source. Standing on the sidewalk was a tall lanky boy, with ruffled brown hair. The kind where it's kind of long, but it suits him, along with his black rectangular glasses. In his thin hand was my notebook paper.

I started to run towards him, a smile on my face, the whole world seemed to be going in slow motion. A look of horror then crossed my face as my sock caught on a rock and could feel myself falling.

The boy quickly ran to me and caught me, although the momentum ended up with us both on the grass in a big pile of groans and awkward body contact.

A shadow fell over us and I wearily opened my eyes, before they widened in shock.

Another boy was frowning, his jeans stuffed in his pockets. His hair was similar to the other boy's, dark but a short kind of cut. It fitted him.

"Jeez Kaleb, I didn't know you could get a girl to fall for you that fast." He said with a chuckle and a snarky grin.

My look of awe instantly became a look of horror, and I stood up, paper in hand. Wiping my hands on my shorts, I crossed my arms.

The boy I fell on, Kaleb, laughed as well and stood up, cracking his neck.

"She fell, I caught her. If you paid attention in science you would know what happened, Jordan."

Jordan scowled and raised an eyebrow, "I don't need science to know that that girl did it on purpose."

My jaw dropped, "Excuse you! I am literally right here!" I motioned to the ground I was standing on, my yard, the place where this started.

Jordan sneered and motioned to the grass, "And I'm literally right here, what's your point?"

A jutted out my lips into a pout and crossed my arms, "Well, it's kind of mean to talk about people in front of them.." My voice was weaker this time, just tired from all the excercise.

Usually I just stay in my room during the summers, in the school year I do all kinds of sports, but when there isn't school. Nothing happens. Ever.

Kaleb pushed Jordan slightly and he towered over me, "Sorry about him, my name's Kaleb, that sarcastic asshole over there is Jordan. Who are you?"

I felt my chest flutter at his soft voice and I instantly felt comfortable, "My name is Mary. This is my house...I live here..I mean..ugh.."

I facepalmed at my stupidity, of course I live here, I just said this was my home.

"She's clumsy and stupid, just your type Kaleb! If she makes good food, you should marry her!" Jordan said with a cheery grin, slapping him on the back.

Rage instantly overtook my guilt and I stormed up to him, poking Jordan roughly in the chest, which was about where my head was.

"Yeah, I'll go into the kitchen, how about I make you some, shut-the-fuck-up-cakes?"

Kaleb let out a low whistle, and shoved his hands into his pockets, the wind ruffling his hair slightly.

"This girl's got guts Kaleb, I approve. Hey girl, or Macy, or whatever your name is, I get a feeling we'll be seeing more of you, but right now, we gotta go. This guys over here has a date."

It felt like a rock just dropped in my chest, Kaleb had a girlfriend...I scolded myself, I just met this guy...but he was so perfect.

I shoved that in the back of my mind to think about later and nodded, "Alright, well...cya later..I guess?" I ran up to my door and gave one last wave before turning around to go inside.

Instead of a nice cool house, I got a face full of wooden door. I groaned again, and the throbbing sensation in my nose returned. I heard muffled laughter and last goodbyes as I flipped them off and entered my house.

After closing the door, I leaned against it with a sigh.

What just happened?



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