I Meet The Doctor


1. I Meet The Doctor

"Jack! Jack!"I scream when I see him."They're chasing me Jack!Help me!"

"Whoa whoa whoa. One, who's chasing you? Two, why are they chasing you?"he asked concerned.

"I don't know who they are, but they're chasing me because of this." I pull out my pendant to show him.

"But it's just a normal necklace."

"It's no where near normal." I put my hands over it and concentrate hard. I soon turn into a snake. I concentrate again and turn back to normal.

"Okay you're right. I know exactly where to go, but it's across town."

"No problem." I concentrate and soon sprout wings out of my back. "Grab my hands Jack." He grabs my hands and I start to fly. A few feet later I have to put him down. "Gosh you're heavy Jack. Hold on." I concentrate and he grows wings as well. "Show me the way Captian Jack Harkness." And with that we're off. We fly fast.

"Down there."he says and points to something down on the ground. I don't know how he can recognize it from up here but we fly down anyways. He knocks on the door of a blue police public call box. "Doctor are you there? I have someone here who needs to see you."he shouts.

"I thought all these things were gone."I say, awstruck.

"They are. This isn't a normal police public call box." With that the doors open and a man, who I assume is 'The Doctor' steps out.

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