Is Bad Boy Just My Type?

Mackenzie is a plain girl from New York, but during Senior Year she gets caught up in trouble and doesn't know how to get out!

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran down the street. I felt the tears prickling my eyes and my lip quivering. Why did this have to happen to me? I shouldn't of ever trusted him when I first met him but I did and now look at me. "Mackenzie!" He shouted catching up to me. "Stop! It's done," I cried and kept running. "It's me," A voice softly said and I turned to see the person who was willing to help fix everything.

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6. Chapter 6- I Don't Get It.

I woke up Monday morning not tired at all. I wonder why I wasn't? I went to bed at like 1am because I was texting Liam. Even though I've only known him for awhile, it feels longer. I stretched before getting out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I showered and wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. I walked fast back to my room because of the cold air that my body was exposed to.

First I went to my closet to find something to wear, in all honesty I have no idea of what to wear. So I decided that maybe I should just ask my Grandma she has an idea of what the styles are. "Gram?" I called from the stairs. "Yes?" She called back. "Can you come here?" I asked shouting slightly. "Yeah just a sec," She said and I walked back to my room.

"Okay well I think you should wear your new clothes I bought," She smiled and walked over to the bags on the ground. She looked through them all before pulling out a top, jeans and cardigan. "That isn't really my style," I frowned but she just shook her head. "It will look beautiful on you my love," She said and handed me the clothes. I sighed and got a pair of underwear and a strapless bra and went to the bathroom.

Once I put the clothes on, I was shocked at how I looked. I've never wore this kind of things but I really liked it. I walked back into my room and my Grandma gasped. "Does it look bad or something?" I said nervously but she just shook her head. "You look beautiful," She said kissing my forehead. "Now I need to do your hair because later today you have that interview for your new school. This school is better for you, better teachers and I did set up an interview for James and Kallie if they want." She smiled but I glared at her. "Gram, I like my school and my friends won't want to go to that preppy school," I sighed and she looked taken back by the word preppy. "Would you at least go to the school and check it out? We don't have to make the decision right then but just take a tour." She suggested and sat me down by my mirror.

The finishing look was amazing, my Grandma used to be a hair dresser so she knows how to style. I don't really wear my hair curly like this, it's usually wavy or straight. "Thank you," I smiled at her and she just nodded. I grabbed my necklace from the desk and put it on. My dad got me a 'M' necklace for my 16th birthday, he said to always wear it so where ever he is that I'll be safe. "I'll make you some toast," My grandma said walking quickly out of my room. I smiled and checked my appearance once more before getting my purse and heading downstairs.

My dad's reaction to my appearance was so funny! He dropped the food on his fork, he knows I don't wear this kind of things but today I felt I wanted to. "Well you look good sweetie," My dad smiled and started eating again. "Thank you," I said and took a bite of my toast. "Do you have a ride to school?" He asked finishing up. "Yeah I'm getting one from Liam," I said casually until I remembered he doesn't know about him. "Liam?" He said smirking. "Yes, my boyfriend okay," I blushed and he laughed. "Mack has a boyfriend? I need to meet him!" He announced and then Grammy joined in. "Yes! Tonight good?" She smiled and my dad kept laughing. "No! You are both embarrassing." I frowned but they both gasped. "No we aren't!" They said together, I rolled my eyes and stood from my chair. "Bye," I waved and walked out the door before they could put another word in.

Me and Liam looked at each other both wondering if we should hold hands inside. "You know what? I don't care if James sees." I said proudly before snatching Liam's big hands in mine and pacing towards the school. "You're so cute," Liam stared at me in amusement. "No I'm not," I looked away from him. "When did Liam get a girlfriend?" I heard a girl whisper, does he not get them? I didn't let that get to me as we walked over to my locker. "I'll be right back," Liam said walking over to his friends, I rolled my eyes and opened up my lock.

I grabbed my first and second period binder before slamming it shut and looking in Liam's direction. He was still talking to his friends but intently looking at me. I bit my lip and smiled at him, he quickly smiled back before turning to Niall. "Hey Mack!" James said in my ear, I turned on my heel and grinned. "Hey," I said giving him a small hug. "Where's Kallie?" He asked, aw how cute. "I don't know, we didn't walk to school together." I said quietly, she asked me but I denied her. I've been feeling bad about it all morning, walking together has always been our thing since the 9th grade. "Well I better get to class, I need to talk to the teacher before class," He said and left me alone just like Liam.

I decided not to wait for Liam but to just go to my class. When I got there James was on his phone and Kallie was sitting beside him. I quietly sat down beside her, I knew she was mad at me. "Hey," I smiled but she just pretended to not notice me. "Kallie?" I questioned shaking her arm but she still didn't notice. "Fine," I sighed and stood from my spot moving beside Niall and another guy. "Hi," I smiled at both of them. "Hey," Niall said and gave me a small wave. "Hi," The other guy smiling at me. "Mackenzie," I held out my hand for him but he didn't take it. "I know," He said and looked at my hand before looking at me. I quickly put my hand back and sat uncomfortable.

The whole class neither James and Kallie even looked at me, what was her deal? She is like jealous of Liam that he took me to school, yes I'd be mad because we always walk together so I get it and I didn't even offer her a ride. Maybe that was it, yeah! I stood when the bell rang and walked right past them, if they were going to ignore me go for it.

I was walked towards my next class when someone grabbed my waist and pulled me towards them. "What the hell!" I said yanking the person's hands from me. "Baby," Liam laughed in my ear, I turned and hit him in the chest. "Don't do that! You scared me," I growled but smiled playfully. "I'm sorry," He stuck his bottom lip out and I smiled giving in to him. "I need to go to class," I pecked his lips and started walking again but he was following closely behind. "Do you even go to school?" I asked, I didn't think he did because well I would think he was in at least one of my classes. "Yes, I just have two spare periods right now." He explained, and I frowned. "You didn't have to drive me, I could of walked." I said but he just shrugged.

After second period I was so hungry I couldn't wait any longer so I put my things away and rushed for the café. But on the way I bumped into someone, making myself fall backwards. "I'm so sorry!" I panicked and tried to help the girl up. "it's fine," She smiled and took off the other way, she must be a freshman I haven't seen her around at all in the past year.

I walked into the café that was mostly empty and grabbed a lunch tray filling it with fruits and a bag of chips. I looked around and only saw Kallie sitting down alone at our usual table but I decided against it and took a seat beside a girl from my biology. "Hey," She smiled. "Hi," I smiled at her and then at the other people sitting beside her.

They left soon after I sat down, did I smell or something? No, I had a shower this morning and sprayed a lot of perfume. I sighed and just kept eating, I don't mind eating alone. "Hey," James voice rang through my ears and I looked up glaring at him. "Don't talk to me,' I said and stood up. "Mack," He sighed and gripped my arm. "Stop okay? Just because Kallie is mad at me, you are too! Do you see how stupid that even looks? I tried to talk to her and you didn't say a thing, so no don't talk to me. I'm mad at you guys now." I said walking away.

I needed to cool down, I shouldn't of lashed out on him like that but something just came over me and I did. It felt good to let that out, he knows what I said was true and he was just not talking to me because Kallie wasn't. I sighed and sat down on the stairs outside, the breeze was a bit chilly but not bad. I can't stop thinking about Kallie, how mad she actually is. When I'm with her I feel like it's all about her and she's always the center of attention. So when I got it from Liam and his friends she got mad, but still it doesn't seem like her. Yeah she is like that but she's my best friend and I love her. Even if I'm feeling bad about what I said, I do have a right to be mad at her!

After school Liam told me he had something planned and I wasn't really up for anything but he begged and begged so I gave in of course. "Where are we going Liam?" I asked as he drove away from the school. "I'm taking you back to my place?" He smirked at me. "Oh okay," I said quietly looking out the window.

When we got back to his place there were a few cars parked outside. "Who's here?" I asked as we walked towards the house. "Just the boys," Liam told me and held my hand. "Hey Liam!" Louis shouted as he ran up to him. I let go of Liam so he got 'bro hug' Louis. "I haven't seen you since last August," Liam smiled widely, he looked so happy with his friends.

As they were talking I snuck up to Liam's room to wait for him. He had a huge room, he is actually lucky. "What are you doing?" Someone said from behind me. "Oh I was waiting for Liam." I explained but Zayn shook his head. "Liam's room is across the hall," He chuckled. "Oh I'm sorry!" I said and quickly left. Well that was embarrassing.

Liam's room was still big, he had more things in his room though. I jumped on his bed, and I instantly relaxed into his pillow. I was tired all of a sudden and felt myself falling asleep. "Mack?" Liam called but I was so tired I couldn't respond. "Mack," He laughed and I felt the bed sink down. "Shh," I pushed him slightly and he laughed again. I felt his arms slip around my waist until I collide with his hard chest. "Sleep then baby," Liam whispered as I drifted off.

Chapter 6 complete!! I hope you like it and also if you want to see what Mackenzie's outfits look like and you have polyvore you can go onto my profile court199810 and see. -Courtney*

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