Is Bad Boy Just My Type?

Mackenzie is a plain girl from New York, but during Senior Year she gets caught up in trouble and doesn't know how to get out!

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran down the street. I felt the tears prickling my eyes and my lip quivering. Why did this have to happen to me? I shouldn't of ever trusted him when I first met him but I did and now look at me. "Mackenzie!" He shouted catching up to me. "Stop! It's done," I cried and kept running. "It's me," A voice softly said and I turned to see the person who was willing to help fix everything.

Copyright © 2014


19. Chapter 19




I had it all planned out, I was going to tell James how I knew about his brother. I know he won't take it well, but it's been a few weeks since I talked to Kale and I just can't keep it from him any longer. I was hoping Kallie wouldn't be there, I could do without the judgement of her as well.

"Where are you going today?" My dad asked as I came down the stairs. "Going out with James for the day," I answered and he nodded. "Well could you be home for dinner? Daphne is coming over, and you haven't properly met her yet because you always leave when she is here." My dad has been bugging me about it since he started dating the woman! I know it may seem bad or something but even if my mom left us, I don't want someone to replace her! I'm fine with just my dad, my brother and my uncle. "I guess I'll be there," I huffed out and put on a sweater. "Bye," I called out and didn't wait for a response.



"So what was so important you had to pull me away from my very fun girlfriend," I could feel the sarcasm in his voice as he talked about Kallie. Kallie was my best friend but I've actually known James longer and we did joke around about their relationship like every other one he has had. "I think what I have to tell you is way more important than kissing her, but I don't know about the fun part." I was trying to make this happier but it didn't seem to be working.

"Okay just tell me now Mackenzie," He sighed, I bit my lip but smiled slightly. "I understand now, why you don't get along very well with Liam and I-" He cut me off quickly. "I already know what you're going to say," James' eyes were glossy from I'm guessing his brother. "How do you find out?" He pushed and I took a deep breath. "I went to a friend's who knows your brother and I talked to Kale. He misses you James." He was on his feet in seconds when I said Kale.

"How dare you? You went behind my back and talked to my brother! I haven't talked to him in so long and now he suddenly misses me?" James had tears in his eyes but I tried my best to ignore it. "James." I heard his voice, Kale's voice. James was still, and he slowly looked at his older brother. I never saw so much love in Kale's eyes for his brother, after not seeing him for so long.

"You put her up to this?" He growled and shoved at him. "No!" Kale held his shoulders. "You left! You never came back even when you turned 18!" James was now shouting as we were standing in a very public park. "James," I tried to calm him, of course it didn't work. "James can we please go talk about this in private?" He seemed to be scared about other people hearing him. "Fine, but she comes with us." James held my hand tightly as we walked towards the closed off part of the area.


"So you actually thought that you could com here and just think I'd forgive you?" James was beyond angry and Kale was taking it great. "No, I want you to understand why I did this. I wanted dad to stay away from you!" Kale explained, making James sigh. "Dad hasn't contacted me in over four years!" James argued. "I kept him away from you! He wanted you to be beside him. He wanted to take you away from mom! But I didn't let him, you wouldn't have the perfect life you have now would you?" Kale was practically yelling now. "Mom fought for you! She tried to get dad to give you back to her, but you were already under his spell." James tears were flowing freely now, I rubbed his back gently. "He threatened you," Kale said with a sad tone. "All I ever wanted was my brother to be around me! I had nobody but mom!" James said as he huffed loudly.

When Kale wrapped his arms around James, I was completely shocked when James did the same. "Everything I did was to protect you." Kale whispered making James nod. The moment was completely heartwarming but feeling like I should leave, I called Liam to pick me up.


"Why were you at the park alone?" Liam asked with a furrowed eyebrow. "I needed time alone," I said and he nodded. "Well do you want me to drop you off at home?" I shook my head quickly. "I don't want to be with my dad and his girlfriend for longer than I have to." I laughed but he didn't. "I guess you can come to mine," He said. 



"Wait so you bought your own place?" I was excited at the huge apartment he now owned. But I did miss the boys and all of the funniness. "Yeah, I thought it was time to move out, I loved it there but I can't stay there forever." He explained, I nodded. "Well it's really nice," I reached for the fridge but groaned. "You have no food Liam!" I whined making him laugh. "Why don't you come with me and get groceries?" Liam bit his lip. "Fine," I said and picked my bag back up.



"So Chocolate or candy?" Liam held a bag of m&m's and a bag of gummy worms. "Both!" I said as I put a bag of chips into the cart. "I know that you probably don't want to talk about this but I think it's time." I knew exactly what he was talking about. "Liam..." He wouldn't let you finish any sentence. "Kale doesn't care if we are together anymore! We can be together baby," It made me weak at my knees when he said the nickname. Words couldn't really described what I wanted to say. I kissed his lips softly, he acted quickly. "I think we should continue this grocery shopping," I smirked and he smacked my bum. "Yeah," He winked and continued down the aisle.

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