Is Bad Boy Just My Type?

Mackenzie is a plain girl from New York, but during Senior Year she gets caught up in trouble and doesn't know how to get out!

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran down the street. I felt the tears prickling my eyes and my lip quivering. Why did this have to happen to me? I shouldn't of ever trusted him when I first met him but I did and now look at me. "Mackenzie!" He shouted catching up to me. "Stop! It's done," I cried and kept running. "It's me," A voice softly said and I turned to see the person who was willing to help fix everything.

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17. Chapter 17- Sadness



I tried my dad a few more times before I just gave up and continued my walk. I knew I shouldn't go to his place but there is no other place close enough for me to even walk to.


I silently knocked on the wooden door, just hoping he was there. When I saw him, I took a deep breath and walked around him. "What are you doing here?" He questioned and I sat on the small couch. "I'm drunk," I laughed at my bad decision. "Oh and I have no ride home, so this was the closest place." I explained and leaned into the couch move. "You shouldn't be here! He's in his apartment!" Matt whispered harshly. "I don't care!" My drunken state helped me have the courage to march through the hallway. "Mackenzie get back here!" Matt said and ran after me but was too late.

"Oh hi there." Kale grinned and ran a hand through his hair. I smiled back, and he frowned. "Is she drunk?" He spit out and Matt nodded. "Drive her home now," He demanded and Matt nodded quickly. "I don't want to go home!" I rushed out and jumped onto the leather chair. "Mackenzie..." Matt groaned as I ignored their pleads for me to leave. "Don't try to be nice and caring when you are the one made me break up with Liam!" I yelled at Kale, who looked so angry, his face was as red as a tomato. 

After a few minutes of silence, I decided that I would be kicked out sooner or later so I just huffed and left without a word.



I began walking again, it was passed 2 in the morning and I knew by now that my dad would be sleeping. I flicked through my contacts and landed on Niall. I soon regretted pressing the call button as soon as he picked up. I could tell he hadn't been drinking, well he sounded sober at least. "Niall? It's Mackenzie... I know this may be a lot to ask but could you come pick me up?" I quietly said into the phone. "Of course, we are still friends you know, where are you?" Niall asked, in a small laugh. "I'm just by uhm, Matt's place..." I said with a blush. "I'll be there in five," He said coldly and hung up. I sighed slightly before turning back around towards the building.



"Thank you for picking me up Niall," I smiled and he nodded. "Relax, we are about forty five minutes from your new home," Niall explained, and I yawned. "Mhm," I grumbled and pushed the seat down. "So I know this may seem too personal for you but what the hell happened between you and Liam? He was totally crazy about you! He still is, you know?" Niall glanced in my direction and I nodded. "If I tell you, you can't mention him to Liam. I don't want to cause any trouble." I warned and he put his pinky up. I giggled and wrapped my pinky around his. "Okay so tell me," Niall became serious. "I think you know who Kale is right? Well when I was walking home a few weeks ago, these guys like kidnapped me! I didn't know where I was or anything until I heard Matt's voice. Apparently they knew I was with Liam so Kale wanted to see me or something." I explained and his expression turned from worried to angry in under five seconds. "I have to tell Liam this!" Niall said and pulled over. "Niall Please!" You gasped but he shook his head. "Kale always gets what he wants, Liam needs to know about this!" he took out his phone and dialed a number quickly.

"Pick up your damn phone Liam!" Niall growled and tapped his fingers on the wheel.

"Finally! Where are you bro?" Niall loudly said into the phone. He put his phone onto his lap and turned on speaker.

"I just left a stupid party," He sounded so tired but I tried to ignore my caring thoughts.

"Well I have Mackenzie here and some important news for you." Niall looked over at me and I nodded. It was silence for a few seconds before Niall spoke up again.

"Kale knows Mack, and I think that's reason why you broke up!" Niall rushed out and I hit his arm hard. 'What the heck?' I mouthed and he just waved me off.

"Get the boys, drop Mackenzie at home, I'll meet you at Kale's." He hung up and it was silent.


"I'm coming," I said with no emotion. "No, It's not safe." Niall explained but I shook my head. "I don't care, Kale seems to have a soft spot for me." I said looking him dead in the eyes. "Fine, but if Liam kills me, its your fault." He sighed and started driving again.




As soon as we got to the apartment building, we were running because of the angry Liam holding a gun. "Liam!" I screeched and he turned slightly. "Niall, I told you to bring her home." He growled and stood in front of me. "Why are you so stubborn," He held my face in his hands. His brown eyes were sad but still had that sparkle I missed. "Because I need you," I whispered and he sighed. "Stop being stubborn," He kissed my forehead and moved away from me. "Niall lets go! Zayn stay beside Mackenzie." Liam ordered and they made their way inside.


A shiver went down my spine as we stood in front of the apartment. There was no sound coming from both apartments, I really hope Matt was asleep when this went down. Louis knocked loudly and within in minutes, Kale opened the door. "What the-" He was cut off by Liam pushing him. "What do you want with me huh? You bring my girl into this?" My heart fluttered when he called me his girl. "Sorry to break it to you buddy but she isn't yours anymore," He smirked at me but I kept my gaze low.


Liam stood as he thought it all over and swung around to me. "He forced you to break up with me didn't he?" Liam's eyes were glossed over when I nodded. "What do you want with me!" Liam shouted and Kale jumped slightly. "Ask her," Why was I in the middle of all of this... "He wants me," I said quietly. Harry looked at me with sympathy which I gladly took. "You can't have everything I have!" Liam boomed and I gasped.


Everyone's eyes were on me and I started to back away. "How couldn't I notice this..." I covered my mouth as tears flooded my eyes. "He looks so much like you..." I choked out and Kale's eyes widened. "Mackenzie please don't..." Zayn whispered behind me but I couldn't stop. "You're James' brother!" I cried out and Kale frowned. "Yes James is my younger brother okay," Kale said, rolling his eyes. "It all makes sense now!" I kept putting the pieces together as they continued to stare. James' family doesn't get along with Liam because of what he does, James wasn't angry with Liam, he was angry with his brother. "You're cousins," I pointe between the two and they both nodded. "Please Mack, we are trying to figure this bullsh*t out!" Liam stopped me from saying anything else out.


I watched as Liam and Kale left to go to a different room, leaving me and four other boys standing there with shocked expressions.





*Yayyyyyyy! Update after sooo long! I just wasn't motivated to write this sstory but I'm trying to finish it soon by the end of August because school will have me too busy to even think about update anything! Enjoy and comments are always encouraged!

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