Is Bad Boy Just My Type?

Mackenzie is a plain girl from New York, but during Senior Year she gets caught up in trouble and doesn't know how to get out!

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran down the street. I felt the tears prickling my eyes and my lip quivering. Why did this have to happen to me? I shouldn't of ever trusted him when I first met him but I did and now look at me. "Mackenzie!" He shouted catching up to me. "Stop! It's done," I cried and kept running. "It's me," A voice softly said and I turned to see the person who was willing to help fix everything.

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1. Chapter 1- The Move

It was a late Saturday night in New York. Everyone was out partying and getting hammered and here I was sitting alone in the movie theatre because I was ditched. It was nice being alone yeah but sometimes I need my best friend, but she was too busy to stick to the plans. I'm Mackenzie, Mack for short. Only my dad calls me by my full name, I don't like it. Mack sounds more badass! Kallie is the total opposite of me, she has all of these friends but makes time for me the most. She is sweet and outgoing and doesn't seem to be scared of anything. I wish I was her sometimes she has it so easy.

"Hey dad!" I shouted taking off my boots, "Hey kiddo!" My dad Ronny came into full view. I was almost a mirror image of my dad except well I'm a girl. My dad told me I have my mom's eyes but that means nothing to me. She left us when I wasn't even a year old, my dad had to drop everything to care for me and make my life the best he could. He dates but nobody seems to be right for the placement as 'Mom'. "How was the movies?" He asked me laying down onto our couch. I shrugged and sat on his legs. "Well you better head to bed, I need my rest too." He laughed slightly, I smiled and walked into my room.

We only live in a apartment, it's big considering it is an apartment. It is all my dad can afford, but it is cozy and perfect size for us. My brother used to live here but he moved out about 2 years ago, he is still in the city but now he lives with girlfriend. She is alright, not the type of girl I'd think he was into but what do I know? My only boyfriend was in 9th grade, I dated him for a week.

I took off all of my make-up and slid into my little bed. My body hardly fit on it, I had to practically be in a ball while sleeping not fun. I snuggled into my pillow and fell into a crazy dream.


I woke up Sunday morning not tired at all. I stretched my back and walked over to the bathroom. I gasped, I look like crap. I ran the water until it was no longer warm but hot, and got in. I take long showers it relieves stress, plus my hair takes longer than it should to be washed. When the water started to get colder I shut it off and wrapped myself in my blue towel. I struggled to comb out the knots that formed in my hair, sometimes I want to shave it all off. I clipped my nails and walked back to my room.

I don't have a huge selection of clothes, but I'm not picky. My dad gives me $300 a month for clothes and girl things which is nice. I usually wear black skinny jeans and a plain shirt. I only have a few shoes but the ones I wear the most are my boots. My shirt I picked today was a old batman shirt, I never ever dress up. I applied my signature make-up and headed downstairs.

"Dad?" I asked going into the kitchen. He wasn't there, I wonder where he was? I looked around until my eyes landed on a note taped to the fridge. I knew it, he had to work today.

Mack, I have to work today until 4 but we will go out for dinner together just us and talk. Love Dad.

I sighed and opened the fridge, we had no food hardly. My dad doesn't like grocery shopping so I have to do it but I've been busy. I guess today is the day I'll be doing it. I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and headed for the door. I was happy I had a car, yes it is junky but it's all I could afford with my own money.

I started up my baby and drove in the direction of the store. It was only a few blocks away which is awesome because I hate going into the busiest part of New York. This store is never busy which is why I love it.

When I got there only a few vehicles were parked in the lot, that means I'll be quick. I shut off my rig and walked towards the entrance. I grabbed a green basket going to the meats first. I don't eat meat but my dad does. I don't consider myself a vegetarian because I hate labels.

I grabbed some steaks and chicken before heading to the fruit section of the store. Now this is what I call food! I grabbed strawberries, grapes, oranges, apples, a pineapple, bananas, and a watermelon. Okay so maybe I go over board with fruit but come on, it's healthy and it tastes good. I got a carton of milk along with some juice. Finally I went to the junk food section, I got a few bags of chips and some treats. I love kit Kat's so I for sure bought some of those and some smarties, my dad's favorite.

"Hello," The older lady smiled at me and I gladly returned it. "So how is your day going?" She asked checking through the fruits. "It's going great thanks and you?" I smiled getting out my debit card. "Well I am here everyday so I guess it's okay thank you sweetheart," She said smiling slightly. I nodded smiling back at her and grabbed my bags of food.

When I got home I put everything away in their right spots before crashing on the couch. I didn't know what to do for 4 hours! Kallie was probably with her asshole of a boyfriend so that was a no and I don't really hang out with my other friends unless Kallie is around. I could finish my homework, eh midas well.

I started with my math first, it was really easy and I was done in under 10 minutes. Next was my Biology homework, I was never good in any kind of science so this might take a while. I was stuck on the last question when I heard a knock on the door. Nobody ever comes to our apartment, I couldn't ever think of who it could be. I slowly walked towards the door, grabbing a shoe just in case. The door creaked as I opened it, I held the shoe up ready to hit the person until..

"Grammy!" I squeaked pulling her into me. "Hello sweetie!" She gushed hugging me tight. "What are you doing here?" I asked pulling away. She instantly went silent and frowned. "Well sweetie, I'm afraid that you and your father have to come live with me. Your dad is losing the apartment so I told him you can live with me. I live in a condo only about 20 minutes away." She explained still frowning. "Oh, well I better start packing then right?" I sighed closing the door. "Yes your dad will be home in an hour and wants you to be ready." She said walking towards my room.

"We can bring your furniture if you want," She said turning to me, I shook my head and she laughed. We started empting my drawers filled with my clothes. After that we went to the closet clearing it all out.

My dad came home right after we finished so it was really perfect timing. We decided to eat dinner at home instead of going out so while my dad was packing me and Grammy cooked. We made the steaks and I made a salad for myself. "I'll pack the extra food," Ronny said carrying his bags. Once we all finished eating, Grammy packed the utilities and all of plates before we were putting on our shoes.

I took one last look at my childhood home, even if it is junky I'm going to miss it a lot. I put my hand on the wall closest to the door and ran my hand across it. I gently pressed my lips to the door and shut it.

*Hii! First chapter officially done! Ughhh it really does suck but I needed to get her life shown before I continue. The next 2 chapters will be more interesting than this one I promise. -Courtney*

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