Is Bad Boy Just My Type?

Mackenzie is a plain girl from New York, but during Senior Year she gets caught up in trouble and doesn't know how to get out!

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran down the street. I felt the tears prickling my eyes and my lip quivering. Why did this have to happen to me? I shouldn't of ever trusted him when I first met him but I did and now look at me. "Mackenzie!" He shouted catching up to me. "Stop! It's done," I cried and kept running. "It's me," A voice softly said and I turned to see the person who was willing to help fix everything.

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20. Chappter 20- A New Year



It was New Year's Eve, and my dad was already preparing for our annual party. Dad invited everyone he has ever talked to, which was nice and all but it isn't as fun with people I have never seen in my life! Fortunately I was able to invite all of my friends as well, I even told James to bring Kale!


"Do you think we should get a bigger sign? We have this one every damn year!" Ronnie whined. "Dad it's fine," I tried to reason with him but he wasn't having it. "I want a new one, go to the decoration store for me would ya?" I nodded as he handed me the money. "Take my truck," I grabbed his keys, getting out into the crisp air.


It was actually kind of funny how many different signs this place had! Almost every colour and shape there could be. Finally after minutes of deciding and a employee even asked if I needed help, I picked out the gold one with purple lettering because why the heck not. "Here you go!" "I didn't buy these," Confusion stretched across my face as the employee held out even more decorations. "We are giving free decorations for anyone who buys the big decoration." He pointed to where I got the sign from. "Oh okay, Thanks." I smiled and gave him a small tip for his kindness. "Have a good new year!" He grinned with a blush. "You as well," I stuffed my wallet back into my purse and got into the big truck.



"This is perfect," My dad grabbed the sign from my hands and instantly started to hang it up. "Okay all we need is the food, pizza?" I nodded with a smile. "How many of your friends are coming?" I thought for a few seconds because I hardly knew. "I think 7, Kallie doesn't want to come and none of the girls want to come either so." I frowned slightly thinking that my own friends did not want to show up at my party. "Is Liam coming?" I know my dad doesn't really like Liam but he puts up with it. "Yeah," We had just started dating a few weeks ago again and things seem too good, like something is going to happen.


"Okay well your uncle is coming as well, with his new girlfriend!" My dad had a huge smirk on his face. "He has a girlfriend? Since when?" I excitedly asked. "Yeah I know! I would of never thought he'd get over the last one but he did. They met only a few weeks ago, and got serious quickly." My dad explained, I let out a small gasp.


"Oh there is the first guest!" My dad cheered as he practically ran to the door. "Hello!" He yelled out with a laugh and hugged the guest. "Hey kiddo!" Adam grinned, before squeezing me into a hug. "This is Caroline," She was beyond beautiful, she had dark green eyes with light brown hair that was longer than mine. "Hi," I brought her into a hug after my dad did. "The pizza isn't here yet but there is snacks and drinks in the kitchen." Ronnie explained before sitting back down. "Thank you," Caroline smiled and snuggled into Adam's side.


"I got it," I stood up quickly. "Hi," I was relieved a few of my friends were here now. "I bought a gift," Kale said awkwardly. "Oh uh thanks, Vodka?" I looked up at him with a smirk. "I didn't know what else to bring, there's some chocolates in there too." He smiled, following James in. "James!" My dad greeted him by giving him a firm handshake. "Who is this?" "This is my brother, Kale," James smiled down at me. He seemed happier to be around his brother, which made me happy. "Oh nice to meet you," My dad had never seen Kale before even when we were young. "You too, thanks for having us." Kale shook his hand. "Well there is food and drinks in the kitchen, help yourself." My dad repeated for the fifth time.


"Kallie isn't coming?" James asked and I shook my head. "She said she was going to come," He frowned. Kallie was never one to keep plans but I knew she lied a lot, especially to James. "She told me she had other plans," I said while he just nodded. "I don't know how long we will last, She still doesn't trust me and is hardly around anymore." James sadly explained. "If it makes you feel any better, She hasn't hung out with me in over a month." I smiled but he just rolled his eyes. "Where's Liam?" "He should be here soon," I searched around the people in case I missed him, but nope. "Well I think I need a beer, want one?" I shook my head when he stood up.  


"Okay so everyone there is only five minutes until 12 so could we all go towards the living room and we'll do the countdown!" My dad yelled over the music, which made everyone cheer loudly. Liam still wasn't here yet even though he told me he would be here over two hours ago. "Heyy!" Kale wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Are you seriously drunk?" The stench on his breath was very noticeable. "Nope, I only had two," He grinned before looking at my dad.


"Three! Two! One!" Cheers filled the entire house as the clock strike twelve. "Happy New Year!" I yelled out before giving my dad a huge hug. "Hey Mack, I think someone is looking for you." He kissed the top of my head and let me go. "Liam?" I was surprised that he even showed up. "I'm sorry, I was busy." His words had no meaning as I blankly stared at him. "Mackenzie, talk to me." Liam had to yell over the music.


"I have nothing to say to you right now, I've been waiting for you all night! I wanted to show my dad that you changed!" I said angrily. "I'm sorry okay! I had business to take care of," He tried to hold my hand but I flinched away. "I'm still in high school Liam, I don't have to go out and do business! While you are only a year older, you are always doing business!" I don't know why I was so angry with him, I was just sick of him always making excuses for bailing on me. "I thought you were okay with my work?" Liam looked completely defeated by this point, even though it hurt, I stood my ground.


"I am but not knowing if I'll get a call or see you tomorrow really freaks me out!" I knew that we were getting an audience but I really didn't care at this point. "If you feel that way, we shouldn't of gotten back together." He yelled in my face before storming out of my house.


The house became silent, even the music was quieter. James stood in front of me with a frown on his face. "Don't give me that look," I said with a huff. "I know he's my cousin but he's a jerk and you know it." James explained, I knew he was right but how can I stop loving him so suddenly? "I love him," I felt tears around my eyes as I stared up at James. "Hey James, why don't you take her upstairs, I'll come check on her in a few minutes." My dad whispered into his ear.


"I don't understand! Before we broke up the first time, we were so close and happy but now we argue and argue." I cried out while James sat and listened. "I want to make it work but I don't know if he wants to," I wiped the tears away when my door opened. "How you feeling sweetie?" Ronnie asked and I just nodded. "You don't have to come back down, if you need me I'll be here but maybe try to get some rest." He kissed the top of my head before leaving quietly.


I walked into my bathroom and got out of my uncomfortable clothes. "You don't have to stay," I smiled at James who was laying on my couch. "I want to," He smiled back. "Okay, here at least take a blanket and pillow." I threw him two pillows and my favourite blanket. "Goodnight," He whispered as I felt myself drift asleep.

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