Like It Never Happened.

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Poppy Greene is a regular 16 year old. She has a regular friend. A regular mom. And a regular life. She goes to a uniform school, just like everyone else in her home town, (Cheshire, Holmes Chapel). She even has a regular crush. But what happens when she goes to an "end of the year" party? And bumps into her crush, Harry Styles? Will her life change to the fullest? Or will she act like it never happened?. 16+


7. 6

''First things first... I'm the realest.''

 'Fancy' by Iggy Azalea played on the radio as I waited for my mother to come home. It was half past eleven and she wasn't home yet. I wasn't worried but it wasn't like her to not call home. I saw headlights and a car pull into my driveway. I heard car doors shut and a fitter of laughter from outside. I was a bit taken back because I also heard a mans voice. Who the hell could it be?

 The fitter of laughter soon filled my house along with my mother and Mr. Unknown. It wasn't usually that my mom had men over. In all honesty she hasn't dated since my dad died. We both agreed it was too soon for the both of us.Well I agreed that it was too soon. I didn't want her loving anyone that wasn't my dad. I mean, how could she move on from the love of her life?... And she would tell me if she did. Right?

 I let curiosity take over and slowly crept out of my room and down the stairs. I tiptoed to the kitchen where all of the noise was coming from. I was completely astonished as to what was happening.

 In front of me stood my mother locking lips with a complete stranger. A stranger that I did not know. A stranger that wasn't my father. A rush of anger and complete disgust shot through me. How could she? No... How dare she? This whole time I thought I was disappointing her, but she couldn't even find the guts to tell me she moved on. For the first time in forever I was angry at my mother.

"Where were you?'' I said. They quickly pulled away from each other and looked at me with embarrassment written over their faces. I had my eyes fixed on my mom the whole time. I didn't even acknowledge that 'he' was there. I wanted answers from her, not him.

"Uh-Umm... Poppy this is Dave. H-he's my boyfriend. Dave, this is Poppy my daughter.'' My mom said placing a hand on his shoulder. I didn't dare look at him. I kept my eyes fixed on my mother. There was no way she was getting away with this. It was my turn to look down at her.

"Its a pleasure to finally meet you. Your mom told me so much about you.'' Dave said sticking his hand out. I did a face of disgust and looked at him. To be honest he was the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He was tall with dark skin and soft green eyes. His smile was accompanied by pearly white teeth and he had scruffy chin hair. My mum could really pick them.

 I ignored Dave's hand and fixed my eyes back on my mother. "You'd rather be out with your new 'boy friend', who I've heard nothing about, than be here with your daughter. Or how you haven't called. Is that also because of 'Dave' or because you just didn't want to be bothered with me? Because if you did you would've told me you'll be out and that you had been dating this stranger.'' I was over reacting, but I think this talk was way overdue.

 Dave took a step back and put his head down trying to stay out of this awkward confrontation. My mother sighed loudly and began.

 "Dave is not a stranger, we have been dating for over a year now.'' She said through clenched teeth. My eyes widened at this.

 "When the hell were you planning to tell me this?'' I yelled.

 ''When I was ready! Why are you being so dramatic about this? I am the mother! I have finally found happiness and you will not ruin this for me!'' She yelled yanking on my arm. I felt hot tears spill down my cheeks. Her words stung like venom. 'I finally found happiness'... so she wasn't happy?

 "What about dad? How can you just move on?! Did you even love him? I wish you were dead instead of him, he's the only one that ever cared about me. I hate you.'' I whispered, but I'm sure she heard me. I yanked my arm from her and ran to my room.

 I locked my bedroom door and buried my face into my pillows. I sobbed uncontrollably until I had no tears left.

"I miss you daddy.'' I sniffled closing my eyes.


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