Like It Never Happened.

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Poppy Greene is a regular 16 year old. She has a regular friend. A regular mom. And a regular life. She goes to a uniform school, just like everyone else in her home town, (Cheshire, Holmes Chapel). She even has a regular crush. But what happens when she goes to an "end of the year" party? And bumps into her crush, Harry Styles? Will her life change to the fullest? Or will she act like it never happened?. 16+


6. 5


 Harry pulled into my driveway. It was the most quietest ride ever.

 He turned to me and gave me a slight smile. I returned it and opened the car door.

"Wait freckles.'' he said before stepping out of his side. I watched as he casually made his way to me. In a matter of seconds he was standing in front of me with his hand out. I grabbed it and he helped me out.

"Thanks.'' I mumbled quietly walking away. A large hand grabbed mine and pulled me so I was facing Harry. A huge smirk emerged from his face. Harry leaned in and placed a small peck on my cheek. My eyes went wide and where his lips were left a stinging sensation.

"Was nice meeting you, freckles.'' Harry said walking away, leaving me here looking stupid. This boy is trying to give me a heart attack.


sorry guys I know this isn't much of a filler. But I will be updating soon. I promise you guys it will get much better. Please leave your feedback.

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