Like It Never Happened.

©Copyright of 2014. All rights reserved.

Poppy Greene is a regular 16 year old. She has a regular friend. A regular mom. And a regular life. She goes to a uniform school, just like everyone else in her home town, (Cheshire, Holmes Chapel). She even has a regular crush. But what happens when she goes to an "end of the year" party? And bumps into her crush, Harry Styles? Will her life change to the fullest? Or will she act like it never happened?. 16+


3. 2

"Hey Poppy!" I turned around to see who was calling my name. But there was no one there.

"Who's there?" I asked looking around. Still no one ."hello?'' I asked once again. Still no answer. I started running down the corridor. 'I have to find who was calling my name.' I thought as I kept running.

I came to a hard stop when I crashed into someone's chest. I looked up to see Harry. His face wasn't as angelic as usual. He looked angry. Almost furious.

"Watch where your going, loser.'' He said pushing me on the ground.



"Poppy!'' I jumped out of my sleep and looked around. I saw my mother in her robe standing at my bedroom door.

"what?'' I asked in relief. It was just a dream.

"Time to get up. Your going to be late for school sweetie.'' My mom said in her angelic voice.

Ughh. Why can't school be over already? I slowly got out of bed and walked into my closet retrieving my navy blue and white uniform. Here goes another day in hell.




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