Like It Never Happened.

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Poppy Greene is a regular 16 year old. She has a regular friend. A regular mom. And a regular life. She goes to a uniform school, just like everyone else in her home town, (Cheshire, Holmes Chapel). She even has a regular crush. But what happens when she goes to an "end of the year" party? And bumps into her crush, Harry Styles? Will her life change to the fullest? Or will she act like it never happened?. 16+


2. 1

 "Oh my god! He is so gorgeous." Said my best friend Amber. She turned her head to check out the hot junior walking past us. 

"I'll be back." She said getting out of her seat. She let her long blonde hair out of its bun. She rolled her already short skirt higher. She undid the top buttons of her uniform shirt showing some cleavage, and  winked at me before sashaying to the junior hottie. 

That was Amber for you. She always goes  after what she wants. And she usually gets it. I mean, she's perfect. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and tall. Very tall. She could pass as a Victoria's Secret model. Yes, she was that beautiful. 

Me on the other hand, lacked in simple beauty. I had straight brown hair that stopped at my bra and dull brown eyes. And I was short. Very short. To make matters worse I had freckles. Lots of them all over my face. The only "pretty" thing about me was probably my dimples. But no one really saw them, because I don't usually smile. Or laugh, or talk really. I liked quiet. It made life easier. 

"He's so into me." Said Amber. I didn't even notice she was back. 

"How'd it go?" I asked already knowing she scored. 

"Great. He's a little rough though." She said showing me the giant purple mark on her collarbone. 

"Ouch. Who was he?" I asked taking a sip of my Gatorade. 

"Zayn Malik." She said smirking. I choked on my Gatorade spitting it out. 

"What? Zayn Malik? As in Harry's mate?" I spoke frantically. It was no secret I had a thing for Harry. He was obviously gorgeous. With his brown curly hair and sexy dimples. Not to mention how pretty his green eyes are. He's genuinely beautiful. 

Amber started laughing at how I was freaking out. She knew how crazy I was about Harry and his friends. 

The five of them made my heart do backflips. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall were hands down the sexiest guys on campus. Any girl would do anything just to smash one of them. And then there's Amber who gets whoever she wants. 

"And guess what." Amber said snapping me out of my awe. 

"What?" I asked. 

"He invited  me to go to his party Friday, and your coming with me." She explained excitedly. My jaw dropped. Is she serious?

"There's no way in hell I'm going to that." I protested. 

"Come on Poppy! You never do anything fun. It's just an end of the year party! You have to come. And Harry will be there." She pleaded. I was instantly interested. 

I definitely wanted to be anywhere Harry was. It's not like he knows of me or anything. We haven't even talked yet and I knew him since the fifth grade. Even though I know Harry won't pay any mind to me at an end-of-the-year-party, I still thought it would be cool to go. I mean, it was on the last day of school! And the last day I'd be a sophomore in high school. I was definitely down for a change in my normal life. 

"Fine! Ill go." I said giving into her whining. She jumped up and down smiling like a weirdo. 

"Yes! Oh my god! We are gonna get fucked in our asses!" She sung doing a little dance. 

"Ewe gross!" I said grabbing my books. 

"What? It actually feels really good anal." She said smirking. 

"That's disgusting! Please stop talking." I said walking to my next class. As I was about to enter Algebra 2 I crashed into someone falling down. 

"Ow! What the fuck?!" I spoke rubbing my ankle. I looked up to see a pair of angry green eyes staring down at me. 

"Well then maybe you should watch where your walking! Fucking loser."Harry spat walking around me. 

'Wow the very first time I ever talk to my crush, and he already hates me.' I thought. I quickly stood up and dusted off my uniform. Great now he will never like me. 


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