Our Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has secrets in their lives. Some are small, some are big. They could be used to blackmail others into doing one's dirty work. They could change people's lives if they were ever told. Collin holds a secret that if told, could put his family in danger. Winter holds a secret that could either help Collin or harm him. Their secrets are so great, that it could do harm to either sides. How could these two cope with such secrets? Just how dirty could things get once they are known?


1. Prologue

It was just another day October day. There was that light breeze, the leaves were changing colors and slowly fell from the trees. Nothing different. I still had some homework, that I didn't finish for History class, resting on my desk, and the aroma of my Aunt's famous cinnamon rolls filled the house. A very normal yet bland day.

I was in the midst of stuffing my blue messenger bag with my folders and notebook, when I heard the sound of my Aunt's voice call me. “Winter! Hurry up or else you won't be able to eat before school!” She called. I let out a light sigh before shoving my folder into my bag. I buckle the flap and toss the bag over my shoulder and left my room.

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw my Aunt pulling a cooking sheet of cinnamon rolls. She placed it onto the stove and gave me a quick smile. “It looks like you're already set to go.” She noted. I nodded my head.

“I wasn't really planning on eating in, today. I have to meet up with Stacey and them.” I told her. She nodded her head as she took off the oven mitts. I walked over to a plate of cinnamon rolls that were left to cool, and grabbed one. As I started out the kitchen, my Aunt stopped me.

“By the way, Winter. I'll be working late at the bank, tonight.” She said.

“Okay,” I said as I took another step.

“And I want you home before eleven. And no friends after ten, got it?”

I nodded my head, “I got it. Don't worry,” I called behind me as I walked to the front door. As I walked down my street, I took out my phone and began texting my friend Stacey and taking a few bites of the cinnamon roll. We were discussing the plans for the dance our school has every Halloween.

You'd come dressed in costumes, dance, eat, and they even have a haunted house as well. Our friends Mitchel and David are in charge of that this year, and they say it's probably gonna be the scariest the school's ever seen. I don't exactly take their word for it, though.

As I sent a message, I heard the slam of a car door. When I looked up from my phone, I saw a middle aged woman with dark brown hair carrying a box as she walked towards a house. I looked at the moving truck and realized they were just moving in. I examined the house and I noticed how it had a bit of an old Victorian look to it. The wood of the house was a dark purple and I couldn't help but get a weird vibe from the house.

My eyes moved all around the house. From the roof, to the sides, and then to the front porch. I saw a dark haired boy looking at me. His face held an emotion I couldn't read. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't find myself to do so. Suddenly, my phone started vibrating in my hand and I quickly looked at the Caller I.D. to see it was Stacey.

I quickly looked at my phone and answered it. “Hello?” I answered. I glanced back at the house before continuing to walk to school. 



Rumbel High School. Not the very best place to be, but it's not the worst. Out of the whole county, we're one of the best schools. And the county doesn't have many schools to begin with. As I walked through the halls, I managed to spot David at his locker. "Hey, David!" I called to him. 

He turned his head and flashed me a small smile. "Hey, I see you're here earlier than usual." He noted. 

"Yeah, Stacey told me that there was something important she needed to talk to us about. Left right after I finished getting ready." I explained to him. He grabbed a few of his books from his locker and slammed it shut. 

"Well, I guess we should probably go meet them," he said as he began walking away. I followed behind him, shifting the strap on my shoulder. 

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