"Forever isn't always forever."


9. 9

Im so sorry. My computer broke and I was not aware of Movellas updating so that you can write on the app. I just downloaded the app again last night and saw that you can write.

So im back at it, hopefully. I write on wattpad also so thats where I update regularly. So okay I'll write now. Again, im terribly sorry.

This is going to be smut so you accept my apology.

Dior POV

I kissed Harry's jawline, slowly working to his neck. His eyes remained closed and I frowned. I caressed his member through his boxers and he remained still.

Sliding my hand in his boxers and pumping my hand up and down his member his jawline tightened. Finally starting to get a reaction I used my other hand to play with his balls.

He let out a throaty groan and I smirked. Kissing his waist I pulled his boxers to his knees and put his hard member in my hand. Slowly licking the tip his eyes remained closed as he moaned lowly.

Putting his member into my mouth and bobbing my head up and down swirling my tongue as I pumped the remainder of him with my hand quickly.

I looked up again and his eyes were open and he was letting out small moans. Looking away he put his hand in my hair.

"Keep looking at me," He let out a shaky breath as I looked at him through my eyelashes. "Fuck." He hissed pushing my head all the way down so I can deep throat and holding me there as I gagged.

He removed his hand and I came back up and he sighed and I tried to catch my breath pumping his member.

Putting him in my mouth again he moved my head up and down at his desired speed. I moaned sending vibrations through him. I pumped him as I used my freehand to kneaded his balls.

His moans got louder and I smirked as I knew I was pleasuring him. Pumping faster and licking his tip he released his cum and it landed on my face.

"Best way to wake up," He panted as I wiped his cum off my face. I laid on his chest his member still exposed.

"Only for you," I said kissing his nose. "Now go brush your teeth, your breath stinks." I giggled rolling off of him and he groaned and pulled up his boxers.

We were in New Jersey and I was happy because Harry promised to take me to Six Flags.

"Get dressed so we can hit the road," He said kissing my cheek and massaging my boob as he moved to my lips.

I gasped into his mouth as his cold hand slipped up my shirt. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and our tongues battled for dominance and he won. Pulling away breathing heavy I spoke, "At this rate we won't be going in here."

He laughed kissing my neck and put on some black swim trunks and a white t-shirt and white converse

"Do you have any other clothes?" I asked.

"I dont like my other clothes," He shrugged.

I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth as Harry walked in. "What?" I asked foam coming out my mouth.

"I wanna take pictures," He pouted opening the camera and taking a picture as I still had my toothbrush in my mouth.

"No!" I laughed blocking my face from the picture as I spit out the toothpaste into the sink and rinsing my mouth.

"But you look so cute," He pouted taking another one.

"I'm not photo ready," I said turning my back away from the mirror and leaning against his chest as he rested his hand on my butt taking another photo.

"Fine get ready," He said as he looked at the pictures. I took a quick shower and put on my black polka dot bikini and threw on a white croptop and black shorts. I added my red lipstick and put on Harry's beanie again. "Are you ready now?" He asked walking in.

I nodded as he came towards me again. He put his arm around my waist and I smiled as he took it and turned around to lean against him again as he grabbed my butt again. I kissed his cheek this time and he made a silly face. I took his phone from him and turned it to the front camera. We had one kissing each other on the lips, another with him licking my cheek, and the last one we just smiled.

I gave Harry his phone and left him. My phone vibrated as I was putting my sandals on.

@Harry_Styles; I think I just fell in love all over again❤️

It was four pictures; one of me brushing my teeth and him smiling. The second one of me leaning on his chest hiding my face and his hand on my butt. The third one is the same as the second one but I'm in regular clothes and Harry's beanie. The last one was of us kissing.

@_Dior_; @Harry_Styles I love you ❤️

I locked my phone again finishing putting on my sandals. I grabbed a bag and put our towels and chargers in it and some shirts just incase.

"Ready?" He asked me. I nodded and he grabbed my hand as we walked out.

I grabbed my sunglasses as we were almost out the door. I hooked them to my shirt and we walked to the elevator.

It was quiet as we got on and off. We walked out and fans haven't found out their hotel yet so we walked out unnoticed.

We got into the black van and he started it. "You're gonna have so much fun," He said as he started the hour drive.

"I hope so," I said scrolling on Instagram and liking pictures every now and then. Harry's phone vibrated in the cup holder and I grabbed it.


"You still talk to Diana?" I asked my voice cracking from disappointment.

He tried to take his phone from me, but I moved it from his reach. "Baby give me my phone," He said as he tried to focus on the road and his phone.

"Why do you still talk to her?" I asked.

"I told her we couldn't text and she won't stop," He shrugged.

I unlocked his phone and read their messages. "Take me back," I said biting my bottom lip to stop the tears.

"What about our-"

"Take me back." I said sternly cutting him off.

He sighed and made a u-turn. "Can I explain?" He asked but I ignored him putting his phone back in the cup holder. "Are you gonna ignore?" He asked.

Luckily we didn't get no more than 3 minutes away from the hotel so we got back quickly. When he parked in the garage I hurriedly slammed the door and walked inside leaving Harry behind ignoring his calls.

I left him downstairs as I went up to our floor.

Knocking on Michaels door hard. My face was soaked in tears as more still flowed. Knocking even harder when he didn't come in time. The door swung open and Michael stood there a look of concern on his face. "What's wrong?" He asked me.

I didn't know what to do, I was hesitating and I didn't want to stand their looking stupid so I kissed him.

Making him stumble backwards he kissed me back. I closed the door behind us with my foot and he tripped on the couch. "I'm sorry," I said realizing what I've done. "I didn't want to do that."

"It's fine," His voice not supporting his facial expression. "What did you want to do?"

"Talk." I shrugged. He urged me on and I sighed.

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