"Forever isn't always forever."


7. 7



We were now in Pennsylvania and it was actually fun, they are working up about my birthday and I just want to have a restful peaceful day. No fans, no paparazzi's, just Gemma and the boys.

"WAKE UP!" Harry yelled along with the others jumping on the bed. I groaned and turned on my stomach putting the pillow over my head. 

Harry sat on my butt and started moving his hips. "Oh my god! Get off of me!" I laughed shocked at his actions.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They yelled again as I opened my eyes. 

"What time is it?" I asked. 

"Midnight," Gemma said throwing confetti in the air. 

"You guys are so noisy," I groaned with a small laugh. "Thank you though."  Harry placed a kiss on my lips and I smiled, pulling him back down to me.

"Ew," Gemma gagged. "This is so not comfortable my best friend and my brother? Ew." She said once more making me laugh as I pulled away.

"Let's leave them alone," Louis winked at me. "Use protection!" He said before they all ran out giggling like idiots.

"Now where we?" He asked me leaning into kissing me but I turned my head.

"I was sleeping, I don't know what you were doing," I laughed. 

"You're mean," He pouted still straddling me. I smiled kissing him on the lips before closing my eyes.

"Night." I smiled.

"Night." He said kissing my nose.

I woke up around 10 o'clock and Harry was gone. I frowned and checked my twitter seeing birthday messages. 

I'll just send a whole tweet at the end of the day. I got out of bed grabbing my toiletries and brushing my teeth and washing my face. I grabbed my phone and walked out the hotel room. In my pajamas, classy. 

I knocked on Louis' door and Harry answered. "You're awake," He smiled stepping out the door. 

"I'm awake," I repeated. 

"Happy birthday," He said kissing me for like the 100th time today.

"Thank you," I smiled. 

"It's time for your birthday present!" He cheered then walked me back into our hotel room. He kissed me roughly letting his hands roam my body catching me off guard. He picked me up and placed me on the bed quickly removing his shirt. 

He removed my shirt and my shorts, leaving me in nothing but my underwear and bra. He started kissing my neck, sucking on my sweet spot making me moan in pleasure. He removed my bra and stared hungrily at my chest. He sucked on my right nipple making me moan, he used one hand to massage my other nipple, using his free hand he moved my underwear to the side and stuck one finger in. I arched my back moaning loudly.

He added another finger curling his fingers hitting my g-spot every time and I could have came right then and there, but sadly he pulled away making me whimper softly as he kissed me,  our lips moving in sync as he pulled down his boxers. My hand roamed his body as I palmed his dick. He moaned into my mouth and pulled my hand away. "Keep that up we won't get to the good part," He winked making me smile. 

He pulled my underwear down my legs and lined his tip with my entrance. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded spreading my legs wider. He entered me slowly and I arched my back up as he slowly thrusted into me. I let out loud moans gripping the sheets.  He flipped us over so I was on top. 

I jerked my hips back and forth in a slow motion making him moan in frustration. He placed his hands on my hips forcing me to go faster. I put my hands on his chest throwing my head back in pleasure. 

He let a few curse words slip out and I moaned louder. A knot formed in my stomach and I grinded on him faster trying to ride out my high, his moans became louder as his thrust became sloppier. He flipped us over so I was on the bottom again, he rubbed circles on my clit and I screamed in pleasure. I released my cum onto him  as I felt his tip twitch inside of me. I laid on his chest breathing heavily. 

"We should do that more often," He laughed his chest rising and falling slowly.

"Yeah," I smiled kissing his cheek. 

"Uh uh uh, Harry!" Zayn intimidated me as the walked around the corner and Harry quickly pulled the cover over me.

"You feel so good!" Liam intimidated Harry making me crack a small smile.

"Oh hush," I laughed as the others came in and I grabbed my phone.

"Keep it down next time will you?" Calum joked. "Morning sex isn't always the best sex."

Harry's phone vibrated next to me and I checked the notifications. Diana.

How did he have her number? I unlocked his phone going to their messages, nothing there but her message. 

What's the plan for 2night?

I locked his phone placing it back on the bed before jumping up and putting my underwear  back on and Harry's shirt. I walked by the door my hand reaching towards the handle till I heard Harry's voice talking to Niall. 

"She does better than you," His Irish accent deeper and raspier due to his anger. "It hasn't even been a week and you've already fucked up!" He yelled.

"Will you please quiet down before she hears you," Harry shushed. "I'm calling it off tonight!" He said cautiously.

"Are you even gonna tell her?" Niall asked. Harry didn't respond but by Niall's response, "You're unbelievable." Harry said no.

"I know," Harry sighed. "I don't deserve her, never did." He exhaled a laugh. 

"You better call it off or I'm telling her, I don't care what you have to say," Niall snapped before a door slammed and Harry's hand twisted the knob and I pulled it open.

"Oh, there you are," I smiled. Deep down I wanted to slap him for whatever he did by the sound of it it seemed pretty bad. He smiled kissing my forehead then walked away and I gagged. "Babe, How did Diana get your number?" I asked closing the door and walking towards the beds.

"Uhm," He coughed. "She sent you a text one day when you were sleep, I looked and she we talked longer than expected and I got her number out your phone." He said locking his phone and throwing it on the bed.

"That's all?" I asked crossing my arms.

"I promise," He smiled.

I walked away and to the bathroom, this one I preferred over the other one this one had PRIVACY. "Do you think I'm lying?" He asked me walking towards the door and I closed it before he could step in and locked it. "Don't be petty." He sighed.

I didn't speak to him, just ran the shower water. I unlocked the door and walked right past him grabbing my towel and washcloth and a change of clothes, walking past him without another word. I stripped out of my clothing and stepped in the shower. 

I washed my body a few times as the water began to get cold. "Baby," Harry knocked as I turned the water off. "Talk to me." 

I dried myself off with the towel and wrapped it around me as I tied my hair in a messy bun and putting on my outfit. Blue faded jeggins, white converse, and a grey muscle-tee with a tiger in a cross on it and rhinestones on the shoulders.

I didn't feel like putting on make-up so I just put on some sunglasses and walked out with my dirty items and towel stuffing them in my suitcase. "Be back later," I muttered opening the door.

"What about your phone?" He asked.

"Be back later," I muttered again slamming the door.

I walked outside the hotel and saw a few fans asking for pictures and I politely declined with an excuse, "I'm sorry, today is not my day." I smiled softly.

I walked down the Pennsylvania streets, a beautiful city, not enough credit. I saw a small pet shot after about 15 minutes of turns, I walked in and the bell ringing made the dogs bark. "Hey little buddy," I smiled leaning down next to a small Yorkie. I stuck my finger in the cage and it played with it. "You're so cute." I smiled.

"Are you looking forward into buying it?" The lady smiled at me I looked at her name tag, Kelly.

"Uhm no just looking," I smiled politely. 

"Store policies, if you're not buying you have to leave." She said politely her smile growing weak.

"Who made that rule?" I asked standing up on my feet.

"The store owner, Michael Wade," She rolled her eyes. "He's not friendly, so I'm confused as to why he has a pet store." She laughed and I did too.

"Well I'll get going," I said. "Have a good day." I said before walking back out. The sun was setting and I was losing sense of direction. I silently cursed to myself. I didn't have my purse or any money or anyway to contact someone. 

"Can I please use your phone?" I asked a woman who was with her friends.

"Uhm, sure." She smiled politely handing me her phone. 

I quickly dialed Harry's number and he answered. "Hello," He said into the phone.

"Hey can you come pick me up?" I asked quietly.

"Got damn it," He cursed as I heard shuffling. "Where are you?" He asked.

"Where are we?" I asked the girl.

"49th street," She said.

"49th street," I repeated.

"That's not too far," He sighed. "I'm on my way." Then he hung up and I handed her her phone.

"Thank you so much," I smiled.

"No problem, I've been in your situation before." She said. "Do you want us to wait with you or?"

"It's fine go ahead and do what you were doing." I smiled. "Thank you for being so nice." 

"Just because you said no we're staying," She smiled. 

"You guys are sweet," I laughed. "Where were you up to anyway?" I asked not really expecting an answer. 

"To Lily's for a slumber party," She laughed.

"What are you Dior, Harry Styles girlfriend?" Her friend asked me.

"Uhm yes I am," I nodded I don't really like to be referred to as Harry's Girlfriend it was a nice title, but I didn't want to be acknowledge for my boyfriends success.

"You're so lucky," She said again.

"I knew you looked familiar," The first girl said as the familiar black van lights pulled up.

"He's here," I smiled. "Nice meeting you guys." I said as I opened the door.

"Here take my numb-" 

"I'll get it from his phone," I smiled cutting her off and climbed into the van. "Thanks again." I said before closing the door.

"Got damn Dior," He groaned as he turned the van around. "You should've took your phone." He said.

"I didn't know I get lost!" I yelled and he ignored me. "I found this puppy." I said calmer.

"You went to the pet shop?" He asked me pulling into the garage of the hotel.

"Yes," I nodded. "It was a Yorkie, it was cute, a boy I think." I said as we got out the car. 

"I can get it for you, a birthday present?" He smiled.

"It was like $2,000." I said a small smile on my face.

"Ok? That's like a dollar?" He laughed.

"Do you even know what a dollar looks like?" I asked him as he held my hand.

"Nope," He smiled jokingly. "Of course I do." He shrugged.

We went in the back way of the hotel and he rested his hand on my butt. "Hands off," I laughed as I removed it.

"But it's soft," He laughed as we walked onto the elevator.

"Thank you?" I said questionably as we walked into our hotel room. 

He turned on the TV and I got into my pajamas, laying on my bed and looking at my cold phone. Everything from twitter and I just locked it and fell asleep.


Ok uhm, idk what the hell happened in this chapter i just hope it make sense, okay? okay. 

now i hope u enjoy

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