"Forever isn't always forever."


3. 3

We boarded the plane and take our seats. Harry, Gemma, Ashton, and I in one row. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall in another. Luke, Michael, Calum, and a fat guy next to Calum. "Great now I gotta sit next to them while they eat each others faces off," Harry grumbled as he took his seat next to me.

"Hey, stop complaining," Calum pointing his thumb at his seat mate. "He smells like old McDonald's fries and turtle water." He gagged. The guy next to him had headphones over his head and his eyes closed so he couldn't see or here Calum.

"Enjoy your 8 hour flight," Louis laughed. 

"Very funny," Calum rolled his eyes distancing himself as much as possible from the guy. 

"Don't be mad Calcium," I joked causing everyone to laugh. As Calum let out a small snicker. 

We buckled our seat belts as the plane lifted off. "I'm not tired anymore," Niall complained as he tossed and turned in his chair. "Stupid planes." He said slouching in his chair.

"We got 8 hours bud you will eventually," Liam assured. 

I pulled out my phone and went to twitter.

@_Dior_- Who's coming to our New York show? Can't wait to be in America!

@YumHoran - I am going to the Pennsylvania show! Front row! 

@LolaStyles - My ticket came in the mail yesterday! I can't wait!

After reading through a couple of my mentions I opened the vine app. I showed the boys on the camera and Ashton waved noticing me. I put it back on me and put my finger to my lip. Signaling be quiet. "How's everyone enjoying the flight so far?" Louis asked starting conversation.

"Louis!" I shushed him laughing slightly. 

"It's a boring flight, I wanna start a conversation," He shrugged. "What brings you guys to New York? Family reunions?" He asked.

"Louis no one is going to answer you shut up," Michael laughed.

"You shut up," Louis said back crossing his arm in a childish matter. 

"We are getting several complaints from our other passengers can you keep the noise down?" The flight attendant told Louis. Who just nodded. The lady smiled and walked away. 

2 hours later into this flight we have 5 hours left to go. I made another vine. "We have 5 more hours till we're in New York!" I silently cheered fist pumping. "Can't wait." I uploaded the vine and went back on twitter. Harry was sleep his mouth slightly parted. I took a picture of him and uploaded it. 

@_Dior_ - 500 retweets I'll smack him and record his reaction.

I had double the retweets in under 30 seconds. I opened vine and silently laughed starting the recording. I smack Harry across his cheek and pretended to sleep as he shot up and looked around. I heard the camera ding saying its over and I quickly put the phone down. Harry looked at me and gave me a glare that meant I would pay. 

I uploaded the video and laughed at his reaction. He took my phone from me and put it in his pocket. "Hey give me my phone!" I said kinda loudly earning stares from passengers. 

"No. Not until we land," He said closing his eyes again. "Wake me up when we're there." He mumbled.

"Louis can I use your phone?" I asked him since I was logged into Twitter on his phone. He nodded handing me his phone and I went on Twitter. 

@_Dior_ - @HarryStyles I got a phone now what >:) 

I went through my mentions seeing the typical hate and more hate and then some love. 

@_Dior_ - I'm gonna do a follow spree on Louis' page first 50 favorites on this tweet get a follow.

I went to Louis' twitter and follow the first 50 people. 

@LouisTomlinson - Don't tell him what I did :D

I scrolled through his mentions, Larry, Larry, hate, love, Larry, love, love, hate, hate, hate, hate, Larry. After about an half an hour I got bored of twitter and gave him his phone back. I closed my eyes hoping to get some sleep on the last 3 hours of the flight. Eventually I went to sleep.

"No sir, I do not want to see you eating 20 cheeseburgers," Calum said to the man next to me, waking me up a little.

"It was really cool I finished in 2 minutes," The man said.

"That is cool," Calum said. "I don't want to see it though." 

"How about your friend with the green hair?" The man asked. 

"He doesn't like cheeseburgers so he definitely doesn't want to," Calum said speaking for Michael.

I finally opened my eyes all the way and rubbed the sleep outta them. Harry still sleep, Michael on his phone, Luke sleep, Ashton asleep on Gemma's shoulder as she is on her phone, Louis sleep, Zayn sleep, Liam sleep, Niall sleep.  

The pilot came on the intercom announcing we are landing now. I shook Harry awake. "We're about to land." I told him and he nodded half sleep. The flight attendant woke up Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall as Michael told Luke.

When the plane landed I was the first to stand stretching my legs out and grabbed my bags from over top of the seats. The others slagging behind as I walked off the plane and waiting in the airport for the others. I was very happy to be off that plane, my body was starting to go numb. 

"Finally," Calum sighed of relief throwing his hands up. "I never new air smelt so good." He said.

"You can't smell air dumbass," Michael said.

"I don't care it smells better than turtle sweat," He shivered at the thought. Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry were passed out on the airport floor and Zayn on the chairs.

"They do this every time," Michael groaned. 

"Just give them 5 minutes," Luke said. 

"No time for that, we're off schedule already the photo shoot is in 10 minutes," Paul said as he shook them awake and they all complained. "I don't care sleep in the car we have to be in the studio in 10 minutes." He said as he walked to the car with his bags. I rolled right behind him throwing my bags in the trunk and the others doing the same. 

When we got in I sat all the way in the back Harry next to me. Calum, Luke, Michael, and Zayn infront of us. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Gemma in front of them and Ashton on the floor, we didn't have enough seats. "I'm tired," Harry mumbled as everyone got in their own conversation. 

"Then sleep," I said looking at him. "By the way, can I have my phone?" He reached into his pocket handing my my beloved object. 

"Now I will sleep," He said laying his head on my lap and putting the rest of his body on the seat. "Wake me up when we're there." He said snuggling into my lap. I smiled at him, he was so cute, his pink heart shaped lips slightly parted as small snores escaped. I took a picture of him and locked my phone. Playing with his exposed curls, he has a beanie on, my fingers gliding through his hair as I looked up at everyone else. Either sleeping or on their phones. The car was silent besides the radio playing in the background. We pulled up to the studio and Paul quickly got out.

"What are you guys doing? Get out!" He ordered clearly angry that they changed the time. I shook Harry awake and his snores got interrupted and his eyes opened slowly. 

"We're here," I said as he sat up and I climbed out the car him following behind. I took my aviators off my shirt and put them in my purse. We walked in the building and the boys went in the dressing rooms while me and Gemma sat in the corner of the room. "It feels good to move around." I yawned putting my head in my hand.

"Yes my legs are in need of a good stretch, I just might walk to the hotel," She exaggerated her point. 

"I maybe with you," I laughed.

"I wonder how many people are going to be at the show," Gemma said as 5 sauce walked out and stood on the white background. 

"Loads, trust me," I said as the boys posed for a picture. Just as the photographer took the picture they changed position into funny poses causing me and Gemma to burst out into laughter. We got dirty looks from the people there but we didn't care. 

"Now let us try this again," The photographer said obviously having no patience. "Don't mess up." He said before taking the pictures. After a couple minutes of taking photos 5 sauce came and sat next to us and One Direction stepped on the screen. 

"I can't wait till we get to the hotel," Luke groaned laying his head on the table. "The bed is going to feel like heaven." He fantasized. 

"Are you guys excited for this tour?" I asked starting conversation.

"I'm hoping it's better than the last," Michael said as he locked his phone putting it in his pocket. 

One Direction finally their photo shoot and we went back in the van, same positions except Harry who sat up this time on his phone. We arrived at the hotel and so many fans were already surrounding the door. You can hear the faint chants of One Direction and 5 sauce in the back ground. "How are you guys use to this?" I asked in awe at the sight of hundreds of girls. 

"Just are," Liam shrugged as Paul stopped the van in front. 

"Grab your bags and keep walking, don't stop." Paul ordered. 

We all grabbed our bags and we walked. Many fans asking for pictures and autographs and the boys did, disobeying Paul's orders. "Keep walking," Paul and the other security guards said pushing us away from the fans. 

One of the security guards forcefully grabbed my arm dragging me towards the entrance, as a fan asked me to take a picture. "Get off of me," I said shaking my arm and his grip didn't loosen. "Get off of me, you prick!" I yelled finally getting loose of his grip. I walked back to the girl who asked for a photo and gratefully gratefully gave her one. 

"Thank you," She smiled at me and I returned one. I walked into the building and grabbed my bags. 

"What was that D?" Paul asked.

"A kind gesture, I was going to tell her I can't take any but baldy over there didn't give me a chance so I took one anyway," I shrugged.

"He was doing his job," Paul sighed. 

"He didn't have to bruise me," I yelled showing him my arm. "Get better guards." I spat.

"Get a better face," The guard rolled his eyes at me. 

"You know what?" I asked turning towards him. "Sit on a cactus and swallow a dick, you dick." 

"Dior!" Liam said.

"No, no, don't Dior me," I shook my head and just laughed crossing my arms. 

"Can we go to our rooms now?" Luke suggested and Paul walked towards the elevators and we followed. Baldy followed us up and I just frowned. We got to our floor and we only had 4 rooms to split upon. "I'm just down the hall," Paul said walking down to his room. "Call me if you need me." He told me. 

"So how about this, Ashton and Gemma in one room, Luke, Calum, Micahel, and Niall in one room, Louis, Zayn and I in another, Harry and Dior in the last one," Liam suggested. "Everyone like?" He asking confirming and we all shrug.

"If it doesn't work out we can switch," Luke said going into the room. "No effing way!" Luke yelled running back out.

"What?" I asked.

"They have a flat screen TV with all channels and a mini fridge and the beds feel like heaven!" He said running back in acting like a little kid. We all laughed at him and went into our own rooms. 

"Wow," I said in amazement. "This is so beautiful." I said as I looked around the room. The bathroom was painted white walls, and white tiles. It had a small but spacey kitchen in the corner, A sitting area, and a dining room table, two bed rooms one the master bed the other with two beds in it, The master bedroom had a Jacuzzi and a long mirror above the sink covering the whole wall. The bed centered in front of the TV. It was beautiful. 

"I'll be using the hell out of that Jacuzzi," Harry said as he fell on the bed me doing the same. 

"New York is beautiful," I said looking out the window. 

"Wanna look around?" He asked me. 

"Yeah," I nodded. "I'll ask the others do they wanna tag along, we can maybe go out to eat too." I shrugged walking out the hotel room. 


A/N - I am writing Chapter 4 right now, I will try and make it more interesting with out rushing into the story, share this story with your friends please, thank you I love you <3 . It's also 1:45 a.m. here and I tired for some reason so if there are any mistakes please dont kill me just let me know and I will fix them when I get a chance ok I hope you enjoyed :D

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