"Forever isn't always forever."


2. 2

When everyone was showered and ready we decided on watching a scary movie. For what reason? I don't know. I absolutely despise scary movies, I don't like them. "Why can't we watch Cinderella?" I whined.

"Because we're 18 and over and we don't like movies with out action." Louis sassed me.

"Cinderella has action, like in the first one she had to escape her room and get to the slipper to Marry the prince. The second one I forgot but the third one, the whole movie was action she had to make the prince get his memory back so he remembered her before the stepsister Anastasia married her!" I explained.

"That sounds so.. stupid." Michael said playing The Exorcist. 

"I am not watching this. Good night." I huffed turning on my side to face the couch. 

"This isn't even the real one, this one sucks." Luke said shaking me.

"Nope. I don't care." I shook my head.

"If we can't sleep after this we will never watch a scary movie after this." Gemma negotiated. 

"Fine." I sighed turning around to face the TV. An half an hour into the movie with my panicked screams and little whimpers I had to pee. "Guys I have to pee." I whispered.

"Then go." Zayn waved me away.

"Not by myself what the hell." I spat.

"I'll go, come on." Gemma offered pulling me away from the boys and into the bathroom. "Now pee." 

"Thanks mom." I rolled my eyes turning on the lights and sitting on the toilet. As I was reaching for the toilet paper the lights flickered. I payed no attention to it and wiped myself and flushed the toilet. I was washing my hands when the lights went out. "Gemma." I whispered. "Gemma this isn't funny." I whispered - yelled. 

I opened the door and walked to the living room and I called all their names but only Luke replied. "Where are the others?" I asked him. 

"They went out back for a swim since the power is out." He said and I looked out the window and they were in their bathing suits again.

"Is there a neighborhood power outage or something?" I asked. He shrugged and grabbed his phone and went on twitter and my phone started to vibrate. I picked it up and saw all notifications from twitter.

@Luke5SOS - Well, this sucks.

@Luke5SOS - She's a good girl, She's daddy's favorite 

@Harry_Styles - pooey, power out. 

@NiallOffical - It's sad to have no power, the movie was getting really good. Who's coming to the tour!

@Real_Liam_ Payne: The movie was getting scary, I'm happy the power is off.

@Louis_ Tomlinson - Late night dip with the lads :) x

@Calum5SOS - A late night swim with the boys and Gemma and Dior. (Dee-or)  

The rest didn't tweet and I was fine with that. 

@_Dior_ (Not Real) - @Calum5SOS , I'm not even swimming. I'm in the house with Luke. 

@Luke5SOS - @_Dior_ I like your name.

@_Dior_ - @Luke5SOS my parents do too :*

After a pointless conversation and some hate replies and tweeting fans everyone came from swimming and went to change their clothing.. again. 

"We gotta wake up in an hour, wanna sleep or all nighter?" I asked laying on my stomach and scrolling on twitter. 

"All nighter." They said in unison.

"So the power is out half of our phones are dead. It's too cold for swimming. What are we gonna do." Gemma asked.

"Let's go get McDonalds." Niall said as his stomach growled.

"Yeah, I could go for some fries." Louis shrugged and we all grabbed our phones and chargers. 

"I wanna drive." I yelled grabbing the keys and running outside. I quickly got in the car and started the engine, honking the horn when they were still in the house. "Come on or I'm leaving you guys." I rushed.

They just laughed at my threat and I pulled off and they all ran towards the car and I just laughed. "Somebody is trying to be funny." Gemma rolled her eyes getting in the passenger seat as the boys piled in the back.

"Get your ass off my foot." Luke groaned.

"Get your foot off my ass." Michael said as Luke pulled his legs back put them on Michael's lap. 

"Why are we driving a 5 seat car with 11 people." Harry groaned shoving Ashton's hand out his face.

"Zayn can you move your knee?" Calum groaned as his face was against the seat and Zayn knee pressing against it. Zayn moved his knee and I pulled out my phone to take a selfie, making sure to get everyone in it. 

@_Dior_ - Late night run @Calum5SOS @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOffical @ZaynMalik @GemmaAnneStyles 

I put my phone in the cup holder and reversed out the driveway once everyone was settled. Sharp turns were hell for them because of the awkward positions. We got to McDonald's and I parked by the door as Zayn fell out the car tripping over Calum's head, Harry ran into the guard rail when he was walking and stretching. Louis was prying his leg from under Ashton and hitting his head on the roof of the car. I let out a stifle laugh. Niall was under everyone and was in the most pain when they all piled out. 

"Poor Niall." I pouted. 

"I'm sitting on the roof on the way back." Harry groaned limping into the building. 

"I'm with him." Niall groaned walking up to the cash register. We all placed our order and paid. We sat at the tables and waited for our food. 

Calum, Louis, and Zayn went to get the food when it was ready. "I had a 20 piece nugget." Calum said as everyone went through the bags. I handed him his nuggets and he started to eat. 

"Where are my fries?" Louis asked.

"Right here." Gemma said handing him the fries and his eyes lit up at the sight. A flash came from Luke's phone as he just grinned at us.

"Delete it!" Louis demanded.

Luke quickly typed something then our phones rang. 

@Luke5SOS - Pigs! @_Dior_ @Calum5SOS @Michael5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Louis_Tomlinson @GemmaAnneStyles @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @ZaynMalik

Calum had a mouthful of chicken nuggets as he was stuffing another one in there. Michael was eating his fries as he gripped his sweet tea. Ashton was stealing Gemma's food. Louis was reaching for his fries from Gemma. Gemma looked at Ashton with wide eyes as she slapped his hand. Harry was opening his mouth to eat his burger. Liam looked pretty normal along with Zayn who was wiping his hands with a napkin. As for me, I had my mouth full of fries and my mouth open as I turned towards the camera with big eyes. Everyone laughed at me and began to call me bug eyes or bug. 

"The name fits you, buggy." Harry laughed.

@Louis_Tomlinson - Hey @_Dior_

@_Dior_ - They are so mean to me :(

@Michael5SOS - @_Dior_ But we love you buggy. :*

"Are we ready?" Zayn asked as everyone finished the last of their food. We all nodded and unplugged our phones from the sockets and going to the car. Harry hopped on the roof followed by Niall. 

Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Ashton got in the back seats. Gemma and I upfront again. Niall, Harry, Luke, Calum and Michael on the roof. "If you get a ticket I'm not paying it." I told Harry as I pulled out the parking lot and drove back to the Styles residence. 

I parked in the driveway and everyone got out/ off the car and we went in the house. The power had came back on and the sun was rising. We plugged up our phones again and decided to get ready. "I'm going to go shower." I yawned, releasing my hair from it's ponytail.

I walked up the stairs and went into my suitcase and grabbed my towel and blow dryer. "Be out in 40 minutes." I yelled downstairs for whoever wanted to wait on me. I walked into the bathroom and placed my towel on the toilet and started the water making it steamy. I stripped out of my pajamas and got stepped in. The water hitting my skin making my skin turn red. It may seem like it is boiling my skin, but I like my water boiling. 

I washed my body a couple of times and washed my hair. Singing in the shower as I did so I turned off the water and grabbed my towel plugging in my blow dryer. I wrapped my towel around me and blow dried my hair. I dried the excess water off of my body and wrapped the towel around me again walking into the hall with my pajamas. I went into Gemma's room and picked out an outfit. We were leaving for New York now so it would be 8 when we get there. We would probably go walking when we get there. 

I put on a white muscle-tee with Marilyn Monroe's picture and name on it, black skinny jeans and white low top converses. I decided to wear black aviators hooking them on my shirt and throwing my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my phone putting it in my back pocket. I began to sing again as I grabbed all my suitcases throwing the one with my clothes at the bottom and carrying the one with my electronics, and hair necessities.

After about another hour everyone was ready and Paul was waiting out front in the black van. I never been in here since, I never been on tour with them so this is all new. We put our bags in the back and hopped in and everyone had a seat. Paul started to drive and we all fell asleep. 

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