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1. photo shoot

"Hey mom I got a call for a photo shoot." "That's cool who is it for." "One direction." "Cool." "I start I a hour," "ok," "I'll change than leave,". Once you got to you're room you looked for a super cool dress. You found one with a blue jean top part of the dress, and a laced bottom half. This looks super cute on me. I'll wear this and my cowgirl boots. You walked down to the park and saw them. " ok who's who," you said. "I'm Harry that's zayn over there's louis that lads Liam and um Niall over there," "ok think I got it your outfits are in the dressing room, "We'll we will go got ready," "Sounds good,". Ok let's shoot the first pictures behind the red wood. Ok. I'll go get the boys. Knock knock. "Ready," "Ok let's go get Harry and Niall ," "ok love," " don't knock there talking about me,". Kayla is just so beautiful and smart and funny and very sweet. Yeah but be careful she'll come any second. Knock knock. " ready love and did you hear that?" "We all did Harry,". Wonder were I should put the boys? "Ok Harry their Louis next to him and Niall there Zayn and ,Liam stand in the middle far behinds them, put your hands over your heart," "Ok,". "Take the photos,".

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