One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


82. yours and his favorite artist

Harry: Coldplay. Harry's been a fan of Coldplay since...well basically forever. Shortly after you started dating, his obsession sort of grew on you.

Niall: Passenger. You'd first heard his song 'Let Her Go' while scrolling through your dash, and almost instantly fell in love. Because of your obsession, Niall managed to get the two of you in to see him live.

Zayn: Lana Del Ray. Her music's...different. It's not like every other tune on the radio, and that's exactly what you love about it.

Louis: Ben Howard. His voice is just heavenly, isn't it? His music is even better. It's the perfect kind to listen to, and it could put you in a better mood.

Liam: Lewis Watson. You and Liam extremely enjoy going

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