One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


54. Your child walks in on you having sex

Even after being married for so long, this was how date night always ended. You wrapped in the limps of your husband. You bite down on your lip trying to keep back any possible noise, but there were some things you couldn't keep in. "Oh my god dad! Get off of her! Gross!" Your daughter groans throwing her hands over her eyes. "Couldn't you just wait unit I wasn't home AND didn't have friends over!"

Your heavy breathing was the only noises to be heard throughout the house, your two kids already been dropped off over at Harry's. But when your front door swung open, caught in the act against the plush cushions of your family couch, you were met by four pairs of very shocked eyes. "Why are mommy and daddy wrestling naked?" your youngest asked Harry from his hip. "Uh-well lets have them put clothes on and they can tell you" He chuckled.

You and Niall were like two teenagers again, not even thinking about the fact that your toddler was down the hallway from you.  You had completely forgotten that he was even home, until you heard the patter of his feet running towards your door. "Mommy..." He whispered still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. You quickly wrapped yourself in the sheet, leaving Niall hanging to dry as you scooped him up. "I had a nightmare" All your thoughts were forgotten as you rocked your baby back to sleep.

"Merry Christmas" He mumble again, rubbing his thumb against your thighs. You were stark naked, enjoying the best company underneath the lights of your Christmas tree. He was in half of a Santa suit and you had on nothing but his hat. "Oh my god, Mommy why are you kissing Santa?" You jumped quickly trying to grabbed at something to cover your body when Liam shot around towards your seven year old daughter. "Why is daddy Santa!?" She shrieked again, tears falling as she ran back upstairs. Both you and Liam sure had a lot of explaining to do to your crying angel.

"There almost adults babe, they know what sex is" Zayn mumbled finally removing your panties. You moaned against his skin and decided to take his advice, letting a few moans escape pasted your lips. When suddenly there was a load banging on your door. "Dad next time you want to have sex tell me so I don't have to explain to my GIRLFRIEND what my parents are doing!" You let out a loud laugh, clasping your hands over your mouth. "Sorry baby!" You shot back, still giggling at Zayn.



That's the last one for tonight as it is 12:12 Am but I will write more sometime in the morning! I just want to thank (Harry's Pretty Kitty) for this idea!


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