One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


99. your child has a disability

Harry: "Shhhh, Darcy you're okay. Everything's okay. Daddy's here, I've got you." After chasing your screaming four year old around the house, your husband had finally caught up to her. She smacked, punched and kicked him, trying to wiggle out of his arms. She had autism, and it was very often that she had these episodes. She would scream and cry as if she were being attacked. Harry was always the one person able to calm her down. He'd hold her tight in his arms, singing softly in her ear and her body would untense, and fists would unclench. Having a child whom required such high maintenence was a struggle at times, but you and Harry loved her nontheless.

Niall: "I'm stupid! I hate this! There's no point I'm gonna fail anyway!" Your twelve year old daughter Isabella had dyslexia. She always had a much harder time than others in school. She often just wanted to give up on herself, but your husband and yourself wouldn't let her. You had so much faith in her that she would suceed in school. "Bella no you're not. You're such a smart young lady. You can do this, I know you can." She shook her head. "Come on love, do it for me? Don't make me hop on a plane back home and make you read it to me in person!" She let out a laugh and tried again. You smiled at the two of them, thousands of miles apart yet he still managed to get her to never give up. Even if it did have to be via skype.

Zayn: Your son could understand and hear every word you spoke to him, yet he couldn't respond. He could respond with a muffled laugh or smile, but that was all. He was mute. Communicating with him was difficult, but you and your husband managed. He knew sign language fluently, and used it to talk to you and Zayn. Him being mute had its advantages such as not whining or talking back. But it also came with lots of disadvantages aswell such as not being able to have a true conversation with your son. But you and Zayn saw right passed his disability and loved him unconditionally.

Louis: You and your husband had found out that your son was deaf when he was just a few months old. It was scary at first. Neither you nor Louis knew a word in sign language, and then out of nowhere you suddenly had to be fluent in it. Although it was an extremely difficult task, the two of you never gave up. Your son is now seven years old, and your entire family is able to communicate with him. Even your daughter, who has just turned four years old. She absolutely adored her older brother, and was often his own personal translator whenever out in public.

Liam: Your daughter was born partially blind, and doctors had stated her condition would get worse as she grew older. You noticed this statement to have come true, as she began bumping into more and more things as she learned how to walk. Here she is only five years old and legally blind. She talks about the colors she remembers, and what mommy and daddy's faces look like. For being so young when she lost her vision, she had a pretty good memory. Apart from the fact she thought she remembered Liam having long blonde hair.

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