One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


60. You watch the channel 4 Crazy About One Direction.

It was the first week since the American leg of the tour had ended so you were staying the night at Liam’s flat since he had a whole day planned out for the to of you. You were getting ready for bed while Liam was channel surfing looking for something to watch. You went back to his room and noticed that he was watching what seemed to be a documentary. “Li, what are you watching?” You asked curiously as you made yourself comfortable. “Channel four did a documentary about our fans, I just turned it on.” He said making the volume a bit louder. “I sent death threats once, because they deserved it.” “I don’t see anything wrong with sending them.” “They asked for it.” The girls that were being interviewed admitted to sending death threats to people close to boys that didn’t want to stop and take pictures, to others that didn’t like One Direction or simply because they didn’t follow them on twitter. A gasp escapes your mouth, “That’s just sick Liam, sending death threats to innocent people?” You said shocked. Liam just wrapped his arm tighter on you and you nuzzle your head in the crook of his neck. “They shouldn’t even call themselves fans. Life is a precious thing and for them to be telling others to end theirs? It’s utterly disgusting, Y/N.” he said turning the TV off. “If you ever get death threats or nasty tweets Y/N, please tell me. I couldn’t imagine living without you.” He whispered softly while kissing your temple. “I love you Liam.” You said while he smiled and said “I love you more Y/N.”

Oh no, oh no, oh no. You kept chanting in your head as you watched the Crazy about One Direction documentary. Fan art of Larry Stylinson kept flashing across your TV screen. “Great, the Larry storm is coming upon us once again.” Harry said from behind you. You were pulled from your thoughts as you heard what Harry said. “How long have you been standing there Harry?” You asked turning to face him. “Long enough to see all the pictures and hear the theories.” He said exasperated running a hand through his hair. “I just don’t get it Y/N, why do they have to go all crazy and think that you or Eleanor are our beards? I love you, not Louis. His like the brother I never had. It isn’t fair to any of us.” He says sitting next to you and flicking the TV off. “I know Harry, but those girls just don’t get it. What’s important is that we know that they’re wrong and that I never doubt you when you say that Larry is fake or when you tell me that you love me.” I say softly as he leans back a soft smile playing in his lips. “I don’t know how you do it, Y/N. I see all the tweets regarding you and our relationship and you’re always so strong. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more but I think I do.” He says before kissing you softly on the lips.

You were browsing through your twitter while Zayn was watching Scarface once again since it was on, some tweets caught your attention, all talking about this One Direction documentary. “Hey babe, could we turn to channel four for a bit? Apparently there’s a documentary about you guys in right now.” He nodded and turned to channel four. “We have been standing outside the arena for a day now, and the concert is not even tomorrow.” A fan said, “Last month I found Niall’s orthodontist…” “…. Zayn ran away from me once…” The fans kept on sharing how they would stalk their favorite band members to the point of visiting their homes. “Oh my gosh.” You said quietly, Zayn kept watching intently as some fans went into the bakery Harry worked at. “You’ll never really know how to tell them to stop stalking you, either they’ll take it as offensive when in reality you just want to go to your mothers house without twenty girls after you.” He said while flipping back to his movie and lowering the volume. “Don’t get me wrong, I love our fans and without them we wouldn’t be we’re we are now but it’s scary how they track down our every move Y/N.” “I know Zayn, but I guess it’s their way of showing you how much they love you and the lads.” You said kissing his cheek while he hummed in agreement. “I guess, but I’ll never be able to get a P.O box without fans mobbing the post office.” You laughed at his comment. “Really Zayn, that’s your dream?” He chuckled softly, “That and finishing this movie, so C’me here.” He said before pulling you playfully to his side.

You and your boyfriend Niall were about to watch Friends since it was on at ten thirty every night in channel four. Much to your surprise there was a documentary on instead of your nightly show. “Crazy about One Direction? What is this? A music countdown?” You asked shifting slightly. You clicked on the info button and saw that it was a documentary about One Directions l fans. Niall turned up the volume and wrapped an arm around you, the commercials were over and now the documentary was back on.
“Now some of the fans may disagree with whom the boys are seen out and about with. Especially when it comes to dating.” The narrator said , you tensed up knowing well enough that part if the fandom wasn’t a big fan if you simply because you were with Niall. “…I think Y/N is just with Niall because of his money..” “She doesn’t deserve him..” The girls on the documentary kept talking about your relationship with Niall. “Y/N don’t believe these cunts, you know I love you and I know that I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. I mean what girl in their right mind would date a band member that can’t even go grocery shopping without being mobbed?” Niall said softly while shutting the TV off, “Thank you Ni, I just wished they wouldn’t hate me as much.” You said quietly, snuggling closer to him. “They just don’t know how amazing you really are Princess.” He said while kissing you softly. A soft smile spreading through your lips.

You and Louis have had a busy day to say the least, from running errands and cleaning up the flat you two wanted nothing more than just to lounge around for the rest of the night. You were both laying in bed and channel surfing when a show caught your attention, “Crazy about One Direction?” you said aloud while turning up the volume a bit. Louis sat up a bit and placed his arm around you. “Now some hardcore fans ship both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, Larry Stylinson as they call it…” the narrator started to say, you felt Louis’s body go completely stiff and a slow sigh escaped his lips. After listening to the fans from the documentary express how Larry was real and how you must be Louis’s beard, Louis finally had enough and turned the TV off. “This is complete and utter bullshit Y/N.” he said slowly, trying to remain calm. “I know Lou, your fans know better. They must’ve chose the craziest of fans to film this. It’s all for the ratings.” You said trying to calm him down. “I just thought that this whole Larry thing would be over by now, it’s just so frustrating how every time I look at Harry, Larry shippers go and make this whole big deal about it. I can’t smile at Harry without them making up crazy theories about a hidden relationship. Harry’s like a brother to me. You’re the only one I love Y/N.” he said and softly pecked you on the lips. “I love you too Louis.” You said while snuggling closer to him glad that he was feeling better.

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