One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


64. You go into labor/ Your water breaks.

You were currently propping your feet up on the foot rest, being nine months pregnant and with your due date to be any day now you weren’t allowed to do anything, not doctors orders, but Harry’s orders. He refused to let you do anything, even if you just wanted a glass of water he wouldn’t even allowed you to get up and get. It was sweet of him, but with your due date approaching soon , you weren’t in the best of moods. “How are you feeling babe?” Harry said, coming into the living room and sitting next to you. “Harry, you asked me how I was feeling ten minutes ago. I’m fine, stop panicking.” You said smiling while shifting and after a few tries you got up from your seat and headed towards the kitchen. You’re stomach had been feeling weird for about an hour but you just brushed it off as the baby moving a lot. You opened the fridge and grabbed the container filled of freshly cut up cantaloup, you made a mental note to thank Harry for cutting it up for you. As you were reaching for a bowl you accidentally knocked over a plastic cup that had been sitting on the counter, you slowly reached down to pick it up but a sudden wetness spread through your pants. You hiss as the pain kicks in. “Harry!” You shouted while standing up and holding onto the counter. “Yes, Y/N?” He shouts from the living room. “I’m in the kitchen. Get your ass in here!” You shouted back. He quickly comes to the kitchen and notices the cup that you dropped earlier, “Here you go.” He says while bending down, and picking it up for. “No, I don’t want the cup! IT’S TIME.” You hiss at him, his eyes widen as he finally notices how you were gripping the counter. “T-time?! Like now?” He stammers out. “No, Harry. I just decided to piss myself. Of course it’s time! ” you said walking as best as you could towards the door. “Oh my god, Y/N! I’ll go get your hospital bag and call the lads.” He said before running off and coming back in lest than a minute with your bag in one hand, cell phone attached to his ear and his other arm securely holding on to you as you made your way to the hospital, next time you come back home it’ll be with your newborn baby. Or as Harry would say, babystagram.

“….and after your uncle Harry and Niall got in trouble with Simon because of their mini food fight in the studio, which you should never do because that’s wrong, they had to clean up the whole place! And uncle Zayn had pieces of food stuck in his quiff!” Liam said to your ever protruding stomach. Ever since you two found out that you were soon to be parents, Liam talked to your stomach every single day. Either just mindless babbling, what he did throughout his day or your favorite which was when he would sing to her. You were more than ecstatic to know that you were having a girl, but tonight she was kicking up storm. “I don’t know Liam, your voice isn’t calming her like it usually does.” You said rubbing your stomach while she yet again kicked in response. “Aw cme on baby girl, stop kicking mommy so much. If you don’t I won’t let you date till you’re twenty.” “Liam, don’t scare her! She’s probably gonna rebel now!” You said laughing slightly. You started shifting slightly when a pain shot through your back. Once you shifted a little bit more, you notice a small wet spot where you were just sitting. “Liam, my just water broke.” You said as calm as you could while another contraction ran through you. “We’re going to be parents! Oh my gosh Y/N! We’ll be holding our bab-” “Unless you want me to pop out this baby right here and there you will hold on to your speech and drive me to the hospital.” You hissed through clenched teeth, the contractions becoming closer and closer now. That’s all it took for Liam to go into Daddy Direction mode times a thousand, in the blink of an eye he was calling everybody and helping you out the door and into the car while holding your bag. Soon enough you’ll be returning back home with a little baby girl.

You were currently tidying up the living room since you were on maternity leave. Your due date was last week so you were a bit over due. You were more than ready to have little Tommo Tomlinson, the name being just a nickname for now until you and Louis decided on a name. You would think that after months of looking through baby names you and Louis would’ve decided on something but for me you both had agreed on just waiting till he was born. You were too caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear louis coming into the house, that is until you heard low chuckling from behind you. “Love, have I told you lately how much you remind me of a penguin because of how you waddle?” Louis said making his way across the room and pecking you softly on the lips. “You really know how to make a girl feel special Lou…” You said shaking your head. “How are you feeling Y/N?” He asked while rubbing your belly softly. “Well, for one I think he’s definitely going to be a soccer player. Kid hasn’t stopped kicking all day.” You said laughing softly, suddenly your breath catches in your throat as a pain shoots through your stomach, your hands instantly holding your belly. “Louis! It’s time!” You said looking up at him, “Now?!” “No, tomorrow. OF COURSE NOW!” You said hunching over a bit due to the pain. If you weren’t going through so much pain you would’ve laughed so hard at the sight in front of you. Louis was currently running around the room throwing random things into a duffel bag, while lowly chanting “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit I’m going to be a dad!” “Lou, the hospital bag is already in the car, unlike me who’s about to give birth!” You said waddling towards you. He held you protectively as you two made your way to the hospital to welcome to the world the newest addition to your new family.

“Bacon and ice cream…?” Niall said from behind you, while chuckling. You were in the middle of making yet again a vanilla, chocolate and bacon sundae. “No pregnancy cravings, no opinion.” You said to him while adding more chocolate syrup to your ice cream and making your way towards the living room, propping your feet up and balancing your bowl of ice cream on your round belly. “Our baby is definitely inheriting your appetite, never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I would be eating bacon and ice cream willingly.” You said while laughing softly. “Even I wouldn’t eat that…” He said while shaking his head and looking at how you were happily eating your ‘gourmet’ delight. A couple minutes passed and you were almost finished eating your ice cream when a pain ran through your belly and through your back. “Oh god.” You whispered, “Oh god what?” Niall asked, turning to look at you. Concerned written on his face. “I made Lil Craic angry with that bacon ice cream. He wants out.” Sure enough there was a wet spot on the couch and you knocked over your bowl as a more intense contraction ran through you. “Oh god, what if has a big head! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” You began panicking, the pain only getting worse meanwhile Niall was running around the flat gathering his car keys, your hospital bag and leading you out the door. “Let’s get you to the hospital, love.” Niall said, surprisingly calm.” “Floor it Horan, I’m don’t want you telling our kids friend how you delivered him in the back seat of your car.” You said, trying to breathe through the contraction. “….it would be one hell of a story.” He replied back, one hand in the steering wheel and one hiding yours. “Floor it.” And with that you were speeding away to the hospital, soon to be back home with the newest addition to the Horan family.

It was the middle of the night and you were still tossing and turning. You were near your due date so comfort was out of the question, although Zayn was comfortably sleeping next to you, completely oblivious to the world around him. He could literally sleep through a hurricane and he still wouldn’t even stir. You were more than ready to have your baby already, but hey you can’t rush perfection. It was odd that the baby wasn’t kicking you as if usually did when you couldn’t go to sleep. You tried shifting to your side, wrong move. A pain shot through you and left you breathless for a good two minutes. You lifted the blanket that you had over you and sure enough there were wet spots on it. You quickly began shaking Zayn in order for him to wake up, luckily it didn’t take long in less than two shakes he was awake. “Huh? What?” He asked groggily, opening his eyes. “It’s time!” You said, gripping your pillow and breathing through the pain. “Now?!” “Oh sorry, let me reschedule. Yes now!” You said starting to get up, Zayn was already by your side and helping you up, hospital bag already draped over his shoulder. “Y/N, it’s finally happening.” He said smiling from ear to ear. “A little too fast for my liking, lets get going before he decides to really come out.” You said walking as fast as you could and getting into the car. Next time you came home you and Zayn would have a little bundle of joy.

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