One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


49. You call him at night

"Were you dreaming about me?" he immediately asks in his raspy,tired voice after fumbling for his phone and seeing it''s you. "I bet you were, I bet it was a good fream too" his voice softens, becoming slightly hiskier. "I was dreaming about you"

"This better be important" he grumbles into the phone, instantly feeling guily, "I'm sorry baby, everything you have to say is important" He shakes his head, attempting to wake up "What is it? talk my ear off, I'm listening"

"Me? Sleeping? Why on earth would I be sleeping at..." he glances at the clock on his nightstand"Three thirty in the morning?" he yawns, settling back against his headboard "Nope, no sleeping for me, I'd much rather be talking to you"

"Don't worry about it" he assures you as you apologize for waking him. And really, he doesn't mind. He hasn't seen you in a month, and hearing your voice is music  to his ears. "I miss you" he sighs into the phone, clutching it a littlgin tigher, "So, so much"

"What is it? Are you all right?" he asks, instantly worried because you never call him this late. You assure him you're fine, but he still can't shake the feeling of uneasiness. "I'm coming over" he announces, already searching for his shoes. "I'll be there in fifteen minutes"

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