One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


19. When You’re Asleep


He smiles down at your small frame, watching your peaceful face as you sleep.
“My God, you’re beautiful…” he whispers quietly, so not to wake you, tracing his fingers over the palm of your hand.



He tries to be quiet as he moves around the house, trying to find things. He doesn’t want to wake you, he knows that you’re tired – otherwise, you wouldn’t have passed out on the couch at three in the afternoon.



He lies down beside you, taking the opportunity to just hold you close and be with you. He loves spending time with you, but sometimes he’s too busy to, and so he leaps at the opportunity when it comes.



He smirks at your slumped figure, your head resting on the piles of papers and notes, pen in hand. You had passed out at your desk, studying for your upcoming test. He shakes his head as he gently picks up your small body, carrying you upstairs, to bed.



He twirls a strand of your hair around his finger, humming a quiet tune under his breath as he smiles down at you. You had fallen asleep on his lap during the film, but he didn’t mind. He never minds. 

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