One Direction Preferences

This is just some One Direction Preferences


115. when he's mad at you

Harry: He can act like a little kid sometimes. When he's mad, he'll slam doors, stomp his feet, reply in one word answers, and whine almost all day. He'll keep his pout going on all day until you finally give in to him, putting a smile on that adorable little face of his.

Niall: It's easy to tell whenever he's mad at you. He won't talk to you all day, but if he does it's in one word answers. He'll have his arms crossed at his chest whenever he's around you, and he'll try his best to not make any eye contact. Ouch..

Zayn: He's even more quiet than he usually is. If you ask him what's wrong, he'll shrug his shoulders and just not answer you. If you try to make him laugh, or even cuddle up into his side, he'll brush past you and leave the room.

Louis: Louis rarely gets mad about anything. And when he does get mad, he just yells. You don't do anything about it. You just let him have his little temper tantrum, and don't say a word to him until he's calm again.

Liam: He's dead silent. He'll sit on his phone, or laptop all day. He'll answer you, just not as enthused as he normally would be. He gets over it rather quickly, in a good twenty minutes or so. But those twenty minutes of silence are the worst.

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